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Pantone Colour of 2018-Ultra Violet-will purple reign again?

Said to communicate originality and visionary thinking towards the future, Ultra-Violet makes a welcome entrance to kick start 2018- a bit of forward thinking is just what we need. Take a look at how these jewellers have also taken to this shade to inspire your own creations this year.

Jewellers have many a purple shade of stone they can turn to in celebration of this announcement from Pantone, such as types of Sapphire, Tanzanite, Tourmaline and of course Amethyst. Though there are many who have favoured alternative materials to celebrate the colour purple too.

Tara Locklear uses materials away from their natural environment to create bright and beautiful pieces. Her work often exposes the colourful layers of recycled skateboard decks in her bold pieces, as with this cheeky pair of earrings.

Here we see a paler shade of concrete tinged with gold for a neckpiece of intriguing forms.

All colours seem to naturally resonate with Britta Boeckmann’s work in wood and resin including including this bold shade.


You might feel you want to go all out with Ultra Violet this year, change your world, paint a feature wall. Or you could take a splodge from Xenia Walschikow’s palette and put your paint to a portable decorative use.  These experiments in the colour of the moment are the makings of what will become statement neckpieces and bold gestural earrings.

Our pal purple pops up again to offset these strong, yet light and flexible neck art pieces by Walschikow.

There is always room to ‘kick it old skool’ with a twist when working with a strong colour. As we see with this pink topaz in its unusual contrasting yellow lozenge setting.

Whatever medium you favour in your making, maybe try letting in some purple tones to guide your future this year with Ultra Violet.

Inspirations: Colour and geometric shapes

We were looking at pictures from various fashion catwalks recently and noticed a trend among the big fashion houses for bright, colourful geometric jewellery in less expensive materials like Perspex and wood. So here are a few ideas to inspire you in that direction.

geometric jewellery

Wood and plastic geometric bracelet from Marni


perpsex geomentric jewellery

Geometric statement necklace from Lola and Grace


Not only is Michael Milloy a tutor at London Jewellery School, he also has designed some of our favorite geometric jewellery




leather geometric jewellery

You can create colourful geometric shapes in a range of materials such as in these leather rings by Boo and Boo Factory on Etsy


geometric jewellery

Or even with plastic straws as in this tutorial from Creme de la Craft


Father’s day jewellery ideas

Yes, men can be recipients of jewellery too!

With father’s day on the way we thought we’d share a few ideas for more masculine jewellery.

father's day jewellery

Leather friendship bracelet with steel nuts by Sticks and Stones; Handstamped superhero tag by Rose Creek Cottage; Wood, resin and bronze cufflinks by the Woodjock; Metal Clay print key chain from London Jewellery School; and Acrylic cufflinks from Grunwald


The pieces above might give you some ideas. Leather in friendship bracelets, braids and studded cuffs might suit some tastes, while others may be more attracted by cufflinks. But remember cufflinks don’t need to be gold or silver – above we have wood and acrylic, but you could think about glass, Perspex or polymer clay for example.

And think about other accessories such as key chains where a handstamped silver tag or a metal clay print would work well.

And there is still time to make something for June 21st. If you do why not share a picture on our Facebook page.

Inspirations: Wood in Jewellery

At London Jewellery School we’ve been looking for more opportunities for our students to create mixed media jewellery which means we’ve been looking at wood jewellery quite a bit. So we thought we’d share a few ideas on how you might work in this beautiful natural material.

The grain and colour of wood makes it a very attractive material which doesn’t need much adding to it. For example, Gustav Reyes talks about creating wearable wood sculptures.

wood jewellery

This simple wooden piece by Gustav Reyes is simple but stunning


The most traditional material to combine with wood is metal as in a lot of pieces by Kara Ross.

wood jewellery

“Shirt Cuff” bracelet by by Kara Ross. Sterling silver, ebony and faceted gemstone.


But it can work well with other materials such as resin.

wood jewellery

Britta Boeckmann produces all sorts of jewellery combining resin and wood.


Or you can embed or attach gemstones.

wood jewellery

Oak embedded with malachite and mother of pearl by Simply Wood Rings


wood jewellery

Amber and wood carved necklace by AmberSculpture


With advanced wood carving skills you can create chains and charms, producing a whole range of jewellery elements.

wood jewellery

Wood carved necklace – with school days dangle charms from Oxford Jewel






Spring jewellery trends

What will your jewellery look be this spring? Have you been looking to the catwalks for inspiration.


At LJS we’ve been taking a look to see what’s leading the way.

It seems for this spring and summer the key words are bright, big and bold.

A browse through the magazine and fashion blogs brings up words like neon and mentions of yellow, nectarine, emerald green and poppy red. So think strong colours.

Perspex and resin pieces can really make a colour statement.

As can wire wrapped stones – which may also tie in with another trend for big crystals, colourful beads and cabochons. Also think about putting your centre pieces on leather or cord rather than chains to create a more tribal look.

8190657910_3d53a3c05f_m    1013-420-315-0-0-420-315

Leather and other hide such as snakeskin is another big catwalk trend – Gucci even combined snakeskin and fringing in a dramatic cuff – as well as tribal and animal prints.

Bold cuffs remain popular as do head pieces but it seems the spikier the better.

The great thing is that while the Paris catwalk seems a million miles from our everyday lives, many of these looks are achievable to make. All the jewellery shown in this post is from our classes.

8202972914_d25bf98f23_bWe’ve put together a Pinterest board showing some of the catwalk and top designer looks to inspire you. 8201705927_fd3526c255_m

Plus here are a few suggestions of classes that might help you create that key look – wire and beading, Perspex, resin, wood, leather , polymer clayand fashion jewellery all offer ways to come up with your key spring statement look.

So come along and join us to create your on trend jewellery to look fabulous this spring.