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Behind the scenes at Create and Craft TV

Metal clay tutor Anna Campbell made her live TV debut for the London Jewellery School on Create and Craft TV last week. She gives us a behind the scenes look at what goes into making the show



Earlier this year our founder and director Jessica Rose appeared for the first time on the shopping channel Create and Craft TV, showing a metal clay starter kit in action. It was very popular and Jess and the Create and Craft team decided to bring more London Jewellery School products and online courses to the channel. It was decided to continue the focus on metal clay. In January this year I had filmed the ‘torch fired stone setting in silver clay’ for Jewellery School Online so a stone setting kit was put together, along with the online course, to sell on the shows. Jess asked me if I would like to do the live TV demos and, of course, I said yes!



Screen tests and samples

There’s a lot of work that goes into preparing to go on live TV. Firstly, I needed to travel up to Peterborough, where Create and Craft film their shows, to do a screen test. This was a fifteen minute demo of what I can do to check that I would be OK on camera. There’s a whole list of things you can and can’t say, can’t wear (some patterns etc can look funny on camera!) and there was even a helpful video to watch of dos and don’ts!

I had my screen test with presenter Martyn Parker who had just been on air so must have been ready for a break! To be honest, in my view it didn’t go that well! My metal clay wasn’t behaving but I was able to keep talking and was passed to go on live TV! It was a great learning experience and made me really think very carefully about getting everything ready for the real thing.

I needed to have lots of samples of finished pieces that could be made with both the beginners kits and the stone setting kit to show. This really helps people get inspiration about the finished products that can be made with the tools and the online classes. I also needed some ‘here’s one I made earlier’ pieces so there was no waiting around on the show. Luckily, Jess had the finished samples that she had used previously for the beginners kits so I could focus on the stones. I went to LJS to pick up some samples from the stone setting silver clay class and put them on chains and cords. I also made some more pieces myself to take for display and to show as work in progress.


On the day

My shows were at 4pm and 7pm on 7th October. I was glad that they were later in the day as I could travel up from home and back in a day.

When I arrived I went into the green room to get ready. I got changed and did my makeup and hair (sadly there are no make up artists to do that for you!). Then I was able to go into the studio to set up the display of jewellery and the demonstration area. You have to be quiet in there as the live show is filming in the same studio so I tried not to drop anything!

The staff in the studio were so helpful, helping me set up the jewellery, unravelling chains and generally remembering the stuff that I might have forgotten! There was a bit of concern about the torch firing demonstration. It is something we do safely every day in our own studios at LJS but I understand that they don’t regularly use butane torches and so were a bit wary!



First live show

I was so lucky to have Natasha McCarty to work with as my first presenter on live TV. She had previously done a show with Jess and was excited about the silver clay. She really helped keep me at my ease and I so appreciated that as I was nervous. I did find that the time flew by and I quickly just got on with talking about the clay and doing the demonstration and forgot the five cameras that were pointing at me!



Feedback and making new samples

After the first show I went back to the green room for tea and custard creams! The producer came down to talk to me and asked if we could change the second show slightly to get to the polishing of a piece earlier. I could understand why, it’s important for people who hadn’t seen it before to be able to see how the clay turns into silver and the firing and polishing is the magical part.

This did mean, however, that I had to quickly made some new samples for the later show. I did this and dried them on the top of the kettle!



Final show

My final show of the day was with Andy Love. He had been on air during the previous hour so I didn’t get much time to talk to him before the show started but he was also great to work with. I did two torch firing demonstrations in this hour (I’m sure they loved that!), one demonstrating the basic kit and one showing the glass setting.

Then it was time to pack everything back up to get the train home.

It was a long, tiring day but I really enjoyed the experience and hopefully I will get a chance to do it again!

Author: Anna Campbell

LJG Guest Blogger - Anna Campbell of Campbell Hall Designs

Free Jewellery Tutorial: Make a Beaded French Knit Necklace with Anna Campbell

Here at the London Jewellery School, all of our tutors are highly trained in a wide number of jewellery making techniques.  And they all love sharing their knowledge, skills and passion with the next generation of jewellery makers and artists.  Tutor, Anna Campbell, has created a short video tutorial on how to make a beaded french knit necklace using a French Knit Dollie.  Anna usually recommends the Clover Wonder Knitter as it has a wider hole in the centre which is great for larger beads.


We hope you enjoy making this project!  Have a go and let us know how you get on by sharing pictures on our Twitter and Facebook pages.

If you want to learn more jewellery making techniques you can find our face to face classes here, online courses here and a selection of other videos on our YouTube channel.


Author: Anna Campbell

LJG Guest Blogger - Anna Campbell of Campbell Hall Designs

Rent a jewellery studio or work from home – a journey

In March this year tutor Anna Campbell wrote on the blog about her thoughts about renting a jewellery studio versus working from home. She now has an update!

Whether to rent a jewellery studio or work from home was an issue that was at the forefront of my mind when I wrote the blog post a few months ago. I was wanting to further develop my jewellery business and teaching and it was one option to consider. I looked at whether there were studios available locally as I knew it was unlikely I’d want the cost and time of travelling too far. I hadn’t found anything that I thought would work for me. Luckily, serendipity happened to help me out! I was working one evening at the London Jewellery School alongside tutor Penny Akester and it transpired that she was looking for someone to share a studio with at Craft Central!

It was great timing and a good opportunity to share the costs as well as to have someone to work alongside.

studio before

I got my keys at the beginning of May and Penny and I spent a day building flat packed furniture to furnish our studio (here we are in action!)

London Jewellery School Blog_Penny-Akester and Anna Campbell new studio


We had a deadline to get up and running because there was an open studios at Craft Central for Made in Clerkenwell starting on 18th May and we wanted to be ready for this. We were and we opened up our studio to visitors that week. Thanks to all the LJS students who came to see us! It was appreciated.

London Jewellery School Blog_Penny-Akester and Anna Campbell new studio

My current thoughts and hopes for the future

I am pleased to have the opportunity to have a dedicated jewellery workspace. It is also great to have someone to discuss ideas with (and to share the costs!). Penny and I have very different styles and I think that is the best possible scenario as we can learn from each other to feed into our own work.

The bi-annual open studios also is a great opportunity to sell my work and get feedback from customers on my designs.


Do you rent a studio or work from home? We’d love to know your thoughts on this issue and see some photos of your workspace! Share them with us in the comments below or via our instagram, twitter or facebook pages.

Author: Anna Campbell

LJG Guest Blogger - Anna Campbell of Campbell Hall Designs

Vote Rosie: LJS tutor is a jeweller to watch

display 2aWe are delighted to announce that LJS tutor Rosie Sanders has been chosen as one of the top ten up and coming jewellers to take part in the KickStart programme for International Jewellery London (IJL), the biggest jewellery trade show in the UK.

As part of the KickStart programme Rosie will be exhibiting on a group stand in IJL’s prestigious Design Gallery in September as well as previewing her new 18ct. gold vermeil enamel collection called ‘Renaissance Rebel’ in Leeds & Edinburgh in May and June.

This year the public and the jewellery industry will be able to choose their favourite from the ten selected KickStart jewellers through an online vote. The winner receives the People’s Choice Award which grants them a free stand at IJL 2014 to help grow their business.

In response to being chosen Rosie said that she “is extremely honoured to have been selected for KickStart at IJL. It’s a brilliant opportunity to showcase my designs, to meet buyers and to introduce my brand of neoclassical couture, but most importantly to meet and connect with other jewellery lovers from around the world.”


At LJS we are very pleased to see Rosie’s success as one of this year’s KickStarters and will be supporting her People’s Choice campaign. To help Rosie win this amazing opportunity you can vote for her via a number of social media channels:

On Twitter: Follow @jewellerylondon & tweet ‘@jewellerylondon I vote for @SandersRosie TO WIN #KickStartVote #IJL2013 #LJS’

On Instagram: Follow @jewellerylondon AND post a picture of Rosie or one of her pieces with the following message ‘@jewellerylondon I vote for @rosie_sanders_jewellery TO WIN #KickStartVote #IJL2013 #LJS ’

On International Jewellery London Website: Voters may also cast their votes directly at www.jewellerylondon.com

On Professional Jeweller online magazine where there is an online poll at:  http://www.professionaljeweller.com/ and you can see who is winning after placing your vote!

Please do show your support by voting for Rosie to win this years People’s Choice Award.

Voting closes in two weeks on the 31st of May so get voting NOW!

Jewellery making project: textures for metal clay

Goldie Bronze Pendant and Earrings 1 rszIf you want to create truly unique metal clay or polymer clay jewellery, you’ll want to take a look at our latest step-by-step project on creating texture sheets.

The project, from LJS tutor Mary Ann Nelson, takes you through the process of working with UV light and photo polymer plates to turn black and white images into textures.

It then explains how to use that texture to create your own unique pieces.

The earring and pendant set shown here and in the project uses an abstract design but you can use the same technique with simple black and white drawings. You can learn more about this in our Prints and Drawings in Metal Clay class.

See beautiful designs by LJS tutors at the Desire Fair

Hayley Kuger necklace

Hayley Kuger necklace

At London Jewellery School we’re very lucky to have wonderful independent jewellers as tutors for our classes.

Now there is a chance to see some of their own work at the Desire Fair in London’s Kensington Conference Centre on 15 to 17 March.

Five tutors will be exhibiting some of their work on our stand at the show giving visitors a chance to see their beautiful pieces close up and find out about buying or ordering their jewellery.

The designers with work on show will be:

Hayley Kruger

Hayley’s jewellery is bold, vibrant and striking and reveals her love of colour developed through her South African childhood.

She says her pieces “are for those moments when a woman needs to be
remembered such as an important meeting, a sizzling date, a beach party in Ibiza or

St Tropez, or for when she needs a ‘pick-me-up’, just like a pair of killer heels”.

Sima Vaziry pendant

Sima Vaziry pendant

Sima Vaziry

Sima’s handmade jewellery is inspired by Persian, Afghan and Arabic art, calligraphy, architecture & textures and is a contemporary interpretation of the traditional which can be worn comfortably and with confidence, whatever the occasion.

With her work, Sima hopes to encourage positive feelings towards the region and to promote its ancient hidden beauty, culture and heart.

This pendant, inspired by the motifs found on Persian carpets, feature Sima’s own calligraphy.


Rebecca Steiner bangle

Rebecca Steiner

Inspired by minute details in the world around her, Rebecca creates unique pieces handcrafted in gold, silver and precious stones.

She says that she loves working with the luxurious materials and the idea of creating tiny treasures.

Rosie Sanders


Rosie Sanders cuff

Rosie Sanders specialises in neoclassical couture for today’s urban dames. Her collections explores the significance of scrolls as iconic decorative motifs and as enduring mythological symbols of opulence and feminine power. From scroll medallions to neoclassical knuckledusters, Rosie creates subversive statement pieces as well as tiny trinkets to enjoy everyday.

Made from sterling silver and 18 carat gold vermeil including enamel and semi precious stones, Rosie’s work mixes classical and urban influences that reflect her London upbringing combined with her background in fine art and anthropology.

At the Desire Fair on Saturday 16 March, Rosie will be wearing pieces from her new gold vermeil enamel collection, ‘Renaissance Rebel’, as  living mannequin/designer/maker. Rosie will be on the LJS stand all day so it is a fantastic opportunity to meet a designer and see a collection being worn.

Natasha Williams cuff

Natasha Williams cuff

Natasha Williams

Natasha creates upcycled costume jewellery sold in London and Paris.

She has made jewellery for Paloma Faith and Shingai Shoniwa (Noisettes).

And her pieces have featured in several music videos and magazines.

Also at the Desire Fair we will be offering jewellery making workshops for the bargain price of £10 – find out all the details here.

New videos and help for your jewellery business

Are you thinking of starting or growing a jewellery business? Mystified by pricing? All at sea when it comes to publicity?

Don’t worry, the LJS Jewellery Business distance learning course has just been updated with new videos and more business advice than ever before from LJS founder Jessica Rose and tutors and succcessful jewellers  Anna Campbell of Light Boat Jewellery and Hayley Kruger of Hayley Kruger Adornment.

Drawing on their own experiences in founding their own jewellery businesses, tour three tutors discuss a range of topics including:

  • Marketing – How to market yourself and your work, different approaches to marketing, branding and brainstorming ideas.
  • Advertising – How to use it successfully for your jewellery business.
  • Press – Ideas about getting noticed by the press and writing press releases.
  • Websites and e-commerce – You will be encouraged to think about how websites and IT are used in the running of your business.
  • Social networking and blogs – Using social networking to expand your business and get new customers/ sales.
  • Photography – Getting good pictures of your jewellery is one of the most important things.
  • Finance and budgeting – A look at finances, how to record details, maintain accounts, using an accountant and keeping to budgets.
  • Pricing and selling your jewellery – Getting your pricing right is crucial, make sure you think of all aspects of pricing for selling. Plus practical ideas and advice on how to approach shops and galleries and etiquette for selling in outlets.

At £99 plus postage, this is a comprehensive course for anyone interested in setting up their own jewellery business or who has recently started a business and would like information and advice as well as a kick start to develop it.

What is included: 

1. DVD with over 60 minutes of expert advice in all areas from marketing and promoting your business to pricing and selling your jewellery.

2. Comprehensive 50 page, glossy, full-colour workbook, full of information on how to set up and run your own jewellery business including; a full list of useful contacts and suppliers for jewellers based in the UK, tips on each aspect of setting up your own jewellery business and Information on the common pitfalls and mistakes to avoid.

3. A supplementary case study booklet detailing 3 current businesses, what they have done and tips and advice for running your business.

4. Membership of the London Jewellery School including taster class voucher and supplier discounts.

(Please note that no actual jewellery making will be covered).

LJS tutors are metal clay stars

One for your Christmas lists, perhaps.

The Metal Clay Techniques Book by Sue Heaser is an encyclopedia of metal clay techniques from the basics through to ring making, bangles and bracelets, lockets and hinges, combined metal clays and mokume gane, sculpting, linking, and chain making.

And among its illustrations of great metal clay work are photographs of a number pieces by two London Jewellery School tutors Mary Ann Neilson and Julia Rai.

The book features techniques for embellishing metal clay jewellery from transfer techniques and polymer clay through to traditional enamelling, adding gold embellishments and combining metal clay with gemstones, glass and ceramics. It also looks at soldering for metal clay, forging the metal after firing and recycling your precious clay.

Competition winner: Kim’s style set for photography makeover

September jewellery making competition winner Kim Styles made this ring by hand. It is sterling silver and has 42 solder joints done without paste, just using torch control, and is set with a large faceted cabochon prehenite.

Kim says she “struggles to get her jewellery photographs to do justice to her jewellery”. So she is over the moon to win a professional photography shoot of five of her pieces by photographer and LJS tutor Matt Cheetham.

Here at the school were are excited to see which pieces Kim chooses to have photographed and the final images, some of which we will hopefully share with you here on the blog.

Meanwhile if you want to improve your photography skills, find out how you can learn from Matt on our one-day workshop.

Tutor Elizabeth Bone at Goldsmith’s Fair

Silk and oxidised silver

Elizabeth Bone, who teaches silver at LJS , will be exhibiting her new work using oxidised silver and silk at the 30th annual Goldsmiths’ Fair  from Monday 24th to Sunday 30th of September 2012. You’ll find her on stand 56.
If you love jewellery don’t miss out on a great opportunity to see the work of some of the most creative contemporary jewellers and silversmiths at the 30th annual Goldsmiths’ Fair.
Over a period of two weeks – 24 September to 7 October – 180 jewellers and silversmiths will show their latest designs and collections. With so many jewellers taking part there is bound to be a style to appeal to every visitor.
One of the special aspects of the fair is that the designers are there. Having the opportunity to meet and talk about their creative process is a must for anyone who makes their own jewellery.
But it’s not just about established designers and makers. Ten graduate designers – five in each week – have been given free stands to exhibit their work as part of the Goldsmiths’ Company commitment to the development of young craftspeople.
Entrance by is by catalogue purchasable on the door (£7 for one week, £12 for two weeks).