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Who needs beads? The (w)hole of civilisation

It is National Beading Week so we have been taking a look at how beads have been used in contemporary jewellery designs

A bead can be anything threadable. The first pieces of jewellery were beads made from shells, while the trading of beads was one of the first forms of currency leading to the development of language. Oh yeah and they are pretty too.

It’s worth keeping your beady eye on the graduates spilling out of this year’s degree shows. They are fresh and dynamic and completely varied. Some of the bright young things of Central Saint Martins have favoured using beads this year and are creating some great examples of the potential for striking results that can be achieved. Rosanna Batt uses delicate threads of shimmering beads to trace the outlines of the body to create garments that challenge traditional ideas of function in clothing and jewellery as decoration.


Rosanna Batt

Bead counting toys have been a traditional sight in the doctor or dentist waiting room aiding the development of fine motor skills in children. Also used as the inspiration for Dani Lane’s Abacus Maximus rings, a delight for any kidult stuck in a dull meeting.


Dani Lane

Teri Howes takes simple bead threading to another level with her knitted and crochet fine jewellery pieces.


Terri Howes

The tiny beads on Just Rocks and Coral’s yellow waterfall necklace work as a team to make for a bold statement and a cool cascade of colour for the summer.


Just rocks and coral

Words can’t explain the staggering potential of the humble concept of these items of adornment, but it may be thanks to them that we can use language to attempt it.

Take a look at this video by our founder/director Jessica Rose explaining a simple and effective way of making a quartz crystal bead necklace that can be used for any type of bead.

Inspired? Take a look at our beading classes run at our London studios and our free online course with Jewellery School Online




LJS Launches Jewellery Making Tutorials: Wire Wrapped Rings

We are super excited to announce the release of our first every downloadable jewellery making tutorial, where you can learn to make three stunning wire wrapped rings by following our simple and clear step-by-step instructions…

Priced at just £3.99 (inc. VAT), upon purchasing this tutorial you will immediately be sent an email with the tutorial in a PDF attachment. Throughout the 11 pages of instructions and corresponding images you will we guided in how to make three different wire wrapped rings;

Project 1: Single Stone Ring

Project 2: Cluster Cocktail Ring

Project 3: Wire Swirl Ring

Each project is broken down in to stages with high quality pictures to illustrate each stage. At the end of each project there is a tips section with useful additional information about how to make the projects.

This is a beginners level tutorial aimed at those new to jewellery making or who have done some making before but would like to learn these particular projects to further their knowledge and skills. It is useful if you have some prior knowledge such as, how to use the basic pliers and making a loop in wire.
 Please Note: No tools or materials are included in the course price, you will need to source or own materials as listed below. Please see the links below next to the materials for suggested suppliers.
Materials List:
– 0.8mm silver plated wire (20 gauge in American sizes) www.londonjewellerysupplies.co.uk
– 0.4mm silver plated wire (26 gauge in American sizes) www.londonjewellerysupplies.co.uk
– Selection of small beads or crystals www.jillybeads.co.uk
– One round bead (approx. 8mm) www.londonjewellerysupplies.co.uk
Tools List:
– Side cutters (wire cutters) www.londonjewellerysupplies.co.uk
– Chain nosed pliers (snipe nosed pliers) www.londonjewellerysupplies.co.uk
– Wooden mandrel or thick pen www.metalclay.co.uk

For full details and to purchase your copy of this tutorial now, click on the link – http://www.londonjewelleryschool.co.uk/distance-learning/wire-wrapped-rings-tutorial/

This is the first of many tutorials that LJS will be releasing this year, if you have an idea or suggestion for future tutorials that you would like to see please leave a comment below or email them to jessica@londonjewelleryschool.co.uk

Tutorials are an excellent way of learning new skills at a bargain price or developing your existing skills with new ideas and projects. It is true that you can find plenty of information on the web about making jewellery but what makes these tutorials worthwhile is the high quality of images, instructions and content all in one place and ready for you to use.

We hope you enjoy making your projects as much as we have enjoyed putting them together,

Until next time,

Happy Making, LJS x

Jewellery Making Video Tutorials Online Now!

Recently  the crew at Video Jug dropped into London Jewellery School to film some jewellery making tutorials.

Check out the videos below to see the lovely Jessica Rose demonstrate how to make a beaded ring, silver chain and a pair of earrings.

Jewellery Making:
How To Make Beaded Rings

Jewellery Making:
How To Make A Silver Chain

Jewellery Making:
How To Make A Pair Of Earrings