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The duck days aren’t over-Donald Duck Day-Saturday 9th June

On Donald Duck day (honestly, it is a thing) how better to celebrate that watch all of his great moments of exasperation on screen or peruse the jewels made in the image of his ducky mates. They are certainly all they are quacked up to be!

Happy encrusted duck ring by Chopard

The King of Jewellers can’t even resist these flappers, here’s just a selection of the flock of duck brooches by Cartier.

Heads up for this sleek Silver bangle by Tiffany

A splash of colour with these earrings from Nanette Veldsman.

No feathers! Waggle tailed cuff links for shirt wearers by Tom French Jewellery.

If this has inspired you to get a wriggle on in your making, take a look at our upcoming classes, alternatively lets all duck and cover ourselves with jewellery.

Happy Donald Duck day!






Getting the Gatsby look

Carey Mulligan sporting Tiffany jewels as Daisy in The Great Gatsby

Baz Luhrman‘s film version of F Scott Fitzgerald‘s The Great Gatsby finally opens this week to flurry of fashion pieces on the flapper look. And here at LJS we’ve also fallen under the spell of some of the fabulous Tiffany jewellery worn by Carey Mulligan as Daisy.

The pieces designed by Tiffany & Co  in collaboration with Catherine Martin, the costume designer on the film are oppulent in the extreme and very beautiful but it is possible to get some 1920s style for less.

Glittery hair ornaments, bands and tiaras can be created with crystal beads and wire (such as on the left) but you might also think about investigating junk shops and charity shops for glittery pieces of diamante.

Broken necklaces and brooches can be recycled as new brooches or hair slides.

They can also be stitched as an embellishment on a 20s style dress, cloche hat or a long silk scarf to tie round head or wear as a sash.

Then there are beads.

The 1920s fashionista didn’t skimp on her beading like this lady wearing a long string of beads over a beaded bodice.

Long necklaces of pearls (real or fake), semi precious stones or glass beads – in singly or in multiple strands – are the classic look we all associate with the 20s and are straightforward beading project. We can expect to see lots this summer.