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Pantone Colour of 2018-Ultra Violet-will purple reign again?

Said to communicate originality and visionary thinking towards the future, Ultra-Violet makes a welcome entrance to kick start 2018- a bit of forward thinking is just what we need. Take a look at how these jewellers have also taken to this shade to inspire your own creations this year.

Jewellers have many a purple shade of stone they can turn to in celebration of this announcement from Pantone, such as types of Sapphire, Tanzanite, Tourmaline and of course Amethyst. Though there are many who have favoured alternative materials to celebrate the colour purple too.

Tara Locklear uses materials away from their natural environment to create bright and beautiful pieces. Her work often exposes the colourful layers of recycled skateboard decks in her bold pieces, as with this cheeky pair of earrings.

Here we see a paler shade of concrete tinged with gold for a neckpiece of intriguing forms.

All colours seem to naturally resonate with Britta Boeckmann’s work in wood and resin including including this bold shade.


You might feel you want to go all out with Ultra Violet this year, change your world, paint a feature wall. Or you could take a splodge from Xenia Walschikow’s palette and put your paint to a portable decorative use.  These experiments in the colour of the moment are the makings of what will become statement neckpieces and bold gestural earrings.

Our pal purple pops up again to offset these strong, yet light and flexible neck art pieces by Walschikow.

There is always room to ‘kick it old skool’ with a twist when working with a strong colour. As we see with this pink topaz in its unusual contrasting yellow lozenge setting.

Whatever medium you favour in your making, maybe try letting in some purple tones to guide your future this year with Ultra Violet.

Trendwatch: Purple

purple vogue

According to Vogue, “purples are the coolest of all summer pastels”. So it is time to take a look at violets, mauves, etc in jewellery.

purple jewellery

The obvious place to start is with amethysts. We tend think of them as polished stones or wire wrapped chunks but druzy amethyst gives the perfect pastel look as in this pendant by Frieda + Sophie.


purple jewellery

And not all amethyst is one colour as in these Boho bracelets by The Purple Squirrel


purple jewellery

Purple jade is another obvious choice, seen here unusually in a copper wire weave ring (White Clover Studio)


purple jewellery

But purple can be found in other materials. Polymer clay is great for creating interesting pastel shades as can be seen in this Georgia P Designs statement ring


purple jewellery

This piece is also polymer clay. The artist, Belkomor, was inspired by paper and you could achieve a similar effect by punching out paper shapes. Or perhaps try making rolled paper beads.


purple jewellery

Resin allows you to mix and experiment to find the perfect purple as well as create interesting shapes as with these Simone Devine bangles


purple jewellery

Or use whatever you have in purple. Buttons, peacock pearls and beads as in these earring found on the Funky Trends blog. Check out this week’s tutorial for other ideas.