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Free online course with selected day course bookings at London Jewellery School

Now when you take some of our most popular jewellery making courses at London Jewellery School you will receive a special code giving you free access to the related online course from Jewellery School Online.

This means you will be able to continue your learning at home, revising certain techniques as many times as you like and checking on the correct tools and materials. This will let make the most of everything you learn at LJS and help you refine your jewellery making skills.



Which online courses are available to you?

LJS Course                                                                                                     Online course

Beginner’s Metal Clay                                                                                  Make Silver Metal Clay Charms with Julia Rai

Fashion Jewellery or Intermediate Beading                                           Introduction to Fashion Jewellery with Hayley Kruger

Beginners Wire Wrapping or Linda Jones Wire Class                         Introduction to Wire Jewellery with Linda Jones

Beginners Silver Jewellery                                                                        Make a Silver Ring with Rosie Sanders

About Jewellery School Online courses

Each Jewellery School Online course includes several step-by-step video tutorials by professional jewellers guiding you through a set of projects along with downloadable notes and tools lists and access to Q&A sessions with experts. The videos can be watched as many times as you want.

London Jewellery School to debut live on Create and Craft TV

We are getting very excited at the school because Jessica Rose will be featuring in a new show for Create and Craft TV to air on 10 March.

The show, London Jewellery School, will see Jessica demonstrating metal clay techniques and introducing this magical material to the Create and Craft TV audience.

Viewers will be able to buy a metal clay starter kit developed for the show by London Jewellery School and its equipment partner JewelTool from Shesto and containing all the tools and materials needed to make the professional jewellery seen on the show. They will also be able to purchase the online course Make Silver Metal Clay Charms which contains projects like those Jessica will be demonstrating and features metal clay guru Julia Rai.

metal clay jewellery lesson

The collaboration with Create and Craft is the next step in the school’s efforts to spread the fun and creativity of jewellery making beyond the class room and into people’s homes. It is also part of the channel’s aim to widen the range of jewellery techniques it covers in its shows, and it is hoped this will be the first of a series with Create and Craft TV, London Jewellery School and JewelTool working together.

“We hope the shows with Create and Craft and our partnerships will be the next stage in bringing excellent quality learning resources and tools to the jewellery making community and home jewellery businesses,” said Jessica. “It is an exciting time and we hope to reach as many jewellers as possible with our message that everyone can make jewellery, followed up with training, tools and kits to make that a reality.”

London Jewellery School featuring Jessica Rose demonstrating metal clay will be on Create and Craft TV on Thursday 10th March 10am and 6pm on channels Sky 674 & 675; Freeview 26; Virgin 748; Freesat 811 & 813. Don’t forget to tune in – Jessica will be demonstating different projects in each show.

Behind the scenes at the filming of our online jewellery courses

2016 marks an exciting time for LJS as we are launching some new online jewellery making classes on our website jewellery school online. These classes are designed for students who can’t attend classes with us or who want a refresher for the classes they have attended. LJS tutor Anna Campbell has filmed two of the new courses for us, stone setting in metal clay and she has contributed to the business course. In this post, Anna talks about the experience of filming and what to expect from the courses.

In the beginning …..

I was very pleased to be asked to film some tutorials for jewellery school online by Jessica Rose, the founder of the London Jewellery School. Julia Rai has already filmed an online course in making silver metal clay charms which is excellent and teaches a wide variety of skills which, once mastered, can lead to so many different designs.

Jess and I met to discuss how we could create a tutorial that was different and that helped metal clay artists develop their skills further while not repeating what was in Julia’s tutorial. Jess wanted to do something with stone setting and we agreed that we would like to make it as widely useful as possible so we decided that all the projects needed to be torch fired.

Trial and error – making the samples

Stone setting in metal clay, sadly, is not as easy as pushing a stone into the clay. Many stones are damaged by the heat of the torch or kiln firing as natural stones have fissures in them. When heated, the heat expands the air inside these fissures and the stone shatters (for an excellent breakdown of which natural stones can be fired with a torch or kiln see this article from Cool Tools).

So, I had to find a way to torch fire pieces for three different stone setting projects – not an easy task! I did some practice pieces and in the end settled on the following three projects

  1. Setting a man made stone in clay e.g. cubic zirconia or lab created sapphire, ruby, spinel etc
  2. Setting a dichroic glass cabochon (I know, not technically a stone but the effect is the same as stone setting)
  3. Setting a fine silver bezel for a stone to be set inside afterwards

This meant that the tutorial covered firing stones in place, firing glass with a torch (which is not something that is taught usually) and setting a stone that cannot be torch fired.

I enjoyed playing about with designs, trying to make pieces that were different and that could show the students the possibilities of the techniques.

online metal clay class

Pieces from Anna’s online course


My filming day started at 5.30am.

Filming was to start at 7.30am and I had to travel to south London so it was an early start for me. I needed to take some tools and some of my own jewellery for display which you can see to the side of me in the shots sometimes. I was nervous as I knew there was a film crew! There were actually three members of the film crew but luckily they put me at my ease. I had a microphone clipped on (one of the crew had headphones on so he could hear everything I was saying!).

I sat in place so that the lights and cameras could be set up. There were three cameras focussing on me. One directly in front of me, one to one side and one directly above my hands to film what I was doing. Luckily I was able to have a cup of tea while everything was fiddled about with.

And then we started. There was an actual clapperboard with the takes written on it. Which is just as well as we had to film everything out of sequence because the clay had to dry in between takes.

There was a lot to get through and I was conscious that I didn’t have a lot of time to make mistakes, firstly because of the hot filming lights the clay was drying very quickly and secondly I knew the crew were filming another tutorial in the afternoon. It went well and we managed to get everything filmed and done by 12.30pm which was quite a feat. For some reason there were a lot a ambulance or police sirens that morning and we kept having to stop to wait for them to recede.

Written notes

As well as access to the videos, students on the course also get written notes. I wrote these after the filming, based on the notes I took to the filming day (I had wanted to make sure I wouldn’t forget to say something important!). These did take some time to write but are important as a reminder for you when you are learning so I hope you will find them useful.


I am grateful that I am not involved in the editing process. It takes hours to do this – to synch the camera footage with my audio and make sure everything is clear for the learner.

Then the tutorial is ready for you to purchase and watch over and over. I really do hope you learn something new and I would love to see what you create, please do share photos with us on instagram, twitter or facebook.

Class Pic Stone Setting in Metal Clay

To access Jewellery School Online click on the link and watch a trailer before you purchase your course. You can choose from a wide variety of jewellery making courses including silversmithing, wax carving, metal clay, jewellery business and wire wrapping. Anna’s Stone Setting in Metal Clay course will be available from the end of February 2016 – you can pre-order it a half price now from the Jewellery School Online site.

Anna Campbell is a metal clay artist, one of only ten people to hold the Higher Diploma in Metal Clay. She holds both Art Clay and PMC Rio Rewards certifications and is a member of the Metal Clay Masters Registry.

50% off online learning for LJS students

online jewellery classes

Have you taken any of the following courses with London Jewellery School?

If so we have a very special offer for you. Until 29 February 2016, you can have 50% off the cost of the sister course at Jewellery School Online, our online learning site.

That means if you have taken one of the courses listed above you are eligible for the discount on the corresponding online courses which can be a great way of reinvigorating your learning if you are feeling rusty and need a reminder.


Why buy an online course?

These courses are a great way to continue your learning at home

  • You can pause, rewind and reply demos as many times as you like to perfect your technique
  • Each course comes with lifetime access and downloadable course notes to support your learning
  • Not everyone can remember everything covered in the course by the time they get round to making at home. Online courses are the perfect solution to refresh your memory and ensure you get great value for money when learning.


Which online courses are available to you?

LJS Course                                                                                                               Online cource with 50% off

Beginner’s Metal Clay or Silver Metal Clay Taster                                           Make Silver Metal Clay Charms with Julia Rai

Fashion Jewellery or Intermediate Beading                                                      Introduction to Fashion Jewellery with Hayley Kruger

Beginners Wire Wrapping or Linda Jones Wire Class                                    Introduction to Wire Jewellery with Linda Jones

Make a Silver Ring Taster Class or Beginners Silver Jewellery                     Make a Silver Ring with Rosie Sanders


How to claim your discount…

Email: contact@jewelleryschoolonline.com with your name, the course you have taken at LJS and the online course you would like to take and we will send you your 50% unique coupon code. You can then sign up to the course for half the price and access it from now onwards.

We look forward to seeing you on a course soon.

Win an online jewellery course

Following the launch of London Jewellery School Online, we’d like to hear your views on online learning to help us plan future courses and improvements to what we offer.

So we are hoping that you will spare us five minutes to complete a short survey. Two participants with win an LJS Online course of their choice. Click here to take part

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