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Student jewellery of the month for August – Katarzyna Przychodzka

Katarzyna-Przychodzka-silver-jewelleryTell us a little bit about yourself and what you do

I’m Katarzyna Przychodzka. I am an economist and big fan of sports. I love mountains and beautiful flowers, my garden is my passion!

When did your interest in jewellery making start?

My adventure with jewellery began with a birthday gift from a girlfriend – it was a beautiful silver bracelet. I started to think about how it was made and wanted to be able to make my own jewellery. I love making every piece and the idea of hiding secret notes inside jewellery.

Which class/es did you take at the London Jewellery School and why did you choose that class?

I attended Beginners Metal Clay at the London Jewellery School with Anna Campbell two years ago which was fantastic. It was an excellent experience learning new techniques. I was new to working with silver metal clay and I liked a lot but it was something more interesting what I wanted to try. Later I developed an interest in traditional metalsmithing and I decided to learn how to solder silver.

Katarzyna-Przychodzka-silver-jewelleryWhat are your goals for the future?

I’d like to work on developing a website for my jewellery – I sell on Facebook at the moment.

What is your favourite piece you ever made and why?

This is a really hard choice because all the pieces I’ve made are special for me. I think my favourite would have to be my large flower necklace, it’s made from large sterling silver leaves and it is special because it was the piece where I started to believe that I can make jewellery!

To see more of Katarzyna’s work

Facebook  https://www.facebook.com/katarzyna1919/

Instagram @katarzynaprzychodzka


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