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Jewellery inspiration – the Shape of things

Recent visits to the Bauhaus Archive in Berlin and the Mies Van der Rohe and James Stirling exhibition ‘Circling the Square’ at the RIBA in London have inspired Lil to consider the design power of basic geometric shapes.

Shapes can be fascinating and inspiring and their simple, dynamic qualities can be enough to inspire a lifetime of jewellery making. A triangle is nature’s strongest shape and is often utilised in construction and engineering. The artist Giotto was considered a genius for his perfect drawing of a freehand circle, so it’s potentially worth practising in your spare time to fast track your Mensa application. Squares have much to recommend them too; they are regular, reliable, foldable and mathematically very handy.

Kandinsky, who began teaching at the Bauhaus experimental art school in 1922, believed in a system where certain shapes attributed themselves to particular colours. He felt that yellow belonged as a triangle, squares should be red and circles blue. He also had some interesting feelings about green. Sadly he felt this colour was self-satisfied, like a fat cow, but with hidden strength. I love green, but also cows, so maybe he was onto something.

The current exhibition at the Royal Institute of British Architects, documents the debates of one site in the City of London.  Here we can see two architects, designing years apart and in different styles, result in one building after decades of controversy. Architectural drawings and meticulously conserved and reconstructed models illustrate the project’s processes with accompanying videos and paraphernalia to contextualise the building that never was and the one that might never have been. Both schemes have a lot to recommend them in terms of ‘shapespiration’ (inspiration from shapes, hoping this will catch on), from Mies’s famous quote ‘Less is more’ to the handling of Stirling’s building that now stands at No.1 Poultry, with its interplay of shape and colour. If Stirling’s sketches don’t leave you inspired and the beautiful 1930’s building of the RIBA headquarters doesn’t hit the spot, hopefully some of my favourite shapely jewellery finds below will.

Thinking just about within the box with this circle band trapped in a cube ring by Etsuko Sonobe.

 Kioko Hashimoto allows this circular cabochon to brazenly defy its true (Kandinsky designated) colour.


Rhona McCallum shows us how to circle with squares with this angular silver marvel.

Not so square-jeweller Amy Glenn utilises these two handy shapes in her edgy ring designs.

If you are looking for a great way to fast track shaping your ideas into a wearable beauties like these check out our Diploma Courses in Creative Jewellery Making.

Boxing clever or circling the drain? Let us know how your projects are going in the comments below. Are you inspired by geometric shapes? How do they relate to your designs?

Lil Adams is the London Jewellery School Sundays Studio Manager. Lil studied Fine Art in Leeds and lived in Melbourne before travelling about and settling in London. She now works at the British Architectural Library and enjoys making jewellery with found and natural objects and is shamelessly addicted to casting.





Exciting new 10-week Silver Jewellery Comprehensive Course!

Our Silver Jewellery classes are hugely popular here at the School and more and more of you are learning how to craft your own silver jewellery during our 1-Day courses.  But some of you have been asking for a longer course that will allow you to quickly develop professional silversmithing skills by coming regularly to us for a period of time.  Due to popular demand, we have been working hard behind the scenes to create a comprehensive short silver course and are thrilled to announce the dates for our new 10-week Silver Jewellery Intensive Course!

This is a practical and intensive course designed to help you quickly build your skills with a focus on traditional silversmithing techniques and skills.

Suitable for complete beginners or those who have some silversmithing experience; week by week you will build your skills so that by the end of the course you are a confident and professional silversmith able to work independently on your own jewellery designs.

Stacked Silver Bangles
Water Casting
london-jewellery-school-jewellery-making-stone-setting-course-collet setting
Collet Setting
Spend 1-day per week with us for 10 consecutive weeks and learn all of the essential silversmithing skills including 6 stone setting techniques, and leave us as a confident and professional silversmith able to work independently on your own jewellery designs.   Suitable for complete beginners or those with a bit of silversmithing experience alike!
The new course includes the following:

Week 1 – Beginners Silver Jewellery
Week 2 – Soldering Masterclass
Week 3 – Intermediate Silver Jewellery
Week 4 – Stone Setting (week 1) – Bezel, Tube and Flush
Week 5 – Stone Setting (week 2) – Bezel, Tube and Flush
Week 6 – Stacked Silver Rings and Bangles
Week 7 – Water Casting
Week 8 – Intermediate Stone Setting (week 1) – Irregular, Collet & Channel setting
Week 9 – Intermediate Stone Setting (week 1) – Irregular, Collet & Channel setting
Week 10 – Make your own Silver Findings

The first cohort of the 10-week Comprehensive Course starts on 29th April!  We can’t wait to see lots of accomplished silversmiths blossom before our eyes!

You can find out more including dates, prices and payments plans on our website here.

LJS gets an insight into 3D Printing

Last month groups of LJS students were lucky enough to secure a place on our visit to a local 3D printing company.  ‘My Mini Factory’ which launched in 2013, is the world’s leading curated social platform for 3D Printable objects.  The community platform connects 3D Designers, makers, users and brands.  For more information about the company please click here: https://www.myminifactory.com/

London Jewellery School Blog_MyMiniFactory_3d Printing

The tour of the studio was absolutely fascinating and we were given a great insight into how the 3D printing world works.  Students (and lucky staff representatives) were shown lots of different 3D printed jewellery masters in various resins, along with the finished cast pieces.  Max (our guide from My Mini Factory) explained the process of getting from a digital design file to a finished piece of jewellery.

One student, Nadia Thomas ( http://www.chamareldesigns.com ) was asked to provide two examples of her work in order to be reproduced with a 3D printer.  A demonstration was given of the ‘scanning’ process.  This essentially was a 360 degree photo of the object which was converted into a digital file ready for retouching and printing.

London Jewellery School Blog_3D Printing Silver Rings

The images below show the 3D printed versions and Nadia’s original sterling silver masters.

London Jewellery School Blog_ Nadia Thomas_3D Printing

We got lots of great feedback from the students that attended and many have since said that they would love to give it a go for their own work.  We still love our jewellery to be handmade but would definitely be open to experimenting with this exciting technology.  We would love to hear your thoughts or experiences of 3D printing.

Author: Sophie Arnott

London Jewellery School_Anvil and Ivy_Sophie Arnott

Join Jessica for her FREE 3-Part Jewellery Business Video Series!

London Jewellery School Online_FREE Start a Jewellery Business 3 part video course out now!

Happy Bank Holiday weekend! Hooray!

And the best news is that it’s not too late to join Jessica Rose for her FREE 3-part video series – ‘Start a Jewellery Business’!!!

What better way to spend the long weekend than joining Jessica to learn all about building the business and future of your dreams. Doing something that you love for a living takes time and hard work but it is 100% worth it and completely possible. 

Which is why we have put together a FREE video series for you to develop your skills in ‘the business side’ of making jewellery. Wether you are a complete beginner or seasoned jeweller this course and complimentary downloadable Jewellery Start-Up Guide’ will give you and your business the ‘Umph’ you need to move to the next level.

Be prepared for motivation, tips, planning tools, and actionable resources to get to moving with your jewellery business straight away.

What’s more… you have nothing to loose, this course is completely FREE and available for you to access anytime, anywhere 24/7 starting this Weekend.

Sound good? If you haven’t already, you can enrol here!

The first part of the course course is already live and you will be able to access it straight away.

So what does the course cover I hear you ask… 

Great question! It is a three week course designed to get you started in pushing your business to the next level and to build a creative career that you love. 

Week 1: Jessica’s Top Tips for Building a Jewellery Business: This lesson is full of essential top tips to get you set for success! We will be thinking about the foundations and building blocks to starting or growing a solid jewellery business and get you ready to start building your jewellery business model in Video 2!

Week 2: Business Planning for Jewellers: Jessica will guide you though an amazing business planning tool ‘The Jewellery Business Model’. Looking at; your vision, customers, pricing, collections, suppliers and much more from a strategy viewpoint (sounds very formal but is super fun!). Download your handy Business Start-up Guide’ and work along with her to create a model for your dream handmade jewellery business.

Week 3: Building a Brand for Your Jewellery Business: It’s all about branding your jewellery and your business looking at your ethos, your copy and your visuals so that the people who want to buy from you, are not only aware of your brand, but they covet and desire what you have to offer! 

Over the course of the 3 weeks you will learn all the basics about how to build a profitable and productive handmade jewellery business!

Click on the link below to enroll now…


You will have access to video 1, and the handy ‘Jewellery Business Start-up Guide’ to work along-side Jessica in building your DREAM Jewellery Business.

And that’s not all – Following the video series Jessica will be inviting you to a FREE live webinar on one of the hottest topics – Pricing your Jewellery for Profit! So stay signed up to hear details about that when it drops!

Have a wonderful weekend and hope to see you on the course!

See skilled makers in action during London Craft Week

The first annual London Craft Week runs from 6 to 10 May with chances to see skilled jewellers and other craftspeople show off their skills and wares at venues across the capital and even opportunities to try crafts for yourself.

London Craft Week was founded by Vacheron Constantin, the world’s oldest watch-makers in continuous production, and is backed by the Mayor of London, the Crafts Council, Walpole and the Heritage Crafts Association. “London has long had a Fashion Week and a Design Festival. From 2015, it will have the equivalent for the craft sector. Featuring the artistic flair, painstaking skills and raw talent of exceptional craftsmanship and, as a result, attracting an ever-increasing quality and volume of collectors and customers.” Guy Salter, founder and chairman of London Craft Week.

london craft week

Engraving at Vacherin Constantin

The inaugural event has the theme of discovering hidden crafts and will showcase talented makers and hold events where craftspeople actually make as well as in high profile venues.Among the events that have caught the eyes of the London Jewellery School team are:

There are lots more events and chances to see craft over the week so check out the whole programme here and get inspired through some truly craft experiences.

Summer holiday jewellery-making part 3 – back to school beading

The end of the summer holidays is approaching (not to mention some rainy days inside) so how about some ‘back to school’ craft projects you can make with the kids? Why not make personalised beaded key rings or bag charms to hang on school bags or lunch boxes. Or for their book bag, some mini bookmarks. Alternatively, kids can make these as gifts for people that have looked after them over the summer!

jewellery making with kids



1. This project can be made as either a bag charm or beaded key ring. Painting your own wooden beads is fun but you could also use some beads from your stash (we know you’ve got one!). Free tutorial from the Creature Comforts blog

2. The beaded bookmark project from the What we do all day blog will give you and the kids a great starting point to get creative with beads and paperclips!

3. What about a personalised beaded key ring, tutorial from Happy go lucky. You can buy letter beads or alternatively paint letters on wooden beads

It should go without saying but make sure you supervise children with their making and choose a project that suits their age.


Do share any jewellery making you do with us on our facebook page, we’d love to see what you come up with.

If you’ve missed our previous blog posts on crafting with kids here are the links

Summer holiday jewellery making part 1 – bracelets for kids

Summer holiday jewellery making part 2 – Making jewellery out of paper

And don’t forget – although we don’t teach kids at the London Jewellery School , grown ups can learn with us and pass on their new skills.


When high-tech meets jewellery

London Jewellery School tutor Anna Campbell has spotted a new trend – technology in jewellery.

 hi tech jewellery

As someone who has previously worked in an IT department (yes, I used to spend a lot of time telling people to switch things off and then on again!) I can be a little bit geeky when it comes to gadgets. So when I saw the Ringly I was sorely tempted to get one!

Ringly sell 18 carat gold plated costume jewellery rings in a choice of four different stones; emerald, pink sapphire, black onyx and moonstone (my personal favourite).

high tech jewelleryInteresting, you may say, but not particularly unusual. Well, this is a ring with a difference. It has a clever bit of Bluetooth technology inside it that allows you to connect it to your smartphone. You download the app and choose the notifications you would like including phone calls, text messages, emails, Facebook and Twitter. You can choose to be notified of just one of these (so just when your phone is ringing) or any combination. Then, when you have a message or phone call the ring discreetly lets you know. It vibrates and has a small light on the side that flashes the colour you have assigned via the app. For example, using the settings on the photo of the app below, if the ring was flashing blue it would be notifying you that you have a phone call, green means a text message etc.

 From $195 per ring (currently available on a pre-order price from $145 plus shipping) it’s not cheap but it looks great for the gadget girl who loves her jewellery!

 Anna Campbell is a self confessed neo-geek, an experienced teacher and enjoys different types of jewellery making including metal clay and beading. She runs her own business, Light Boat Jewellery and has made jewellery for celebrities.


Exciting new jewellery business classes at the London Jewellery School

We are very excited to announce the creation of four new jewellery business classes.

One of the benefits of a truly global online marketplace is that you can sell jewellery to countries you have never been to, and all while you sleep!

However, many other jewellery makers have had the same idea so how do you ensure that you are well represented and promoted online? Following on from our successful PR for your jewellery business taster class our experienced tutor, Anna Campbell, has designed some new classes to help jewellery and craft business owners get online.

Why have you decided to run these new classes?
The PR for your Jewellery business class continues to be a popular and successful taster class. The Jewellery School has grown and our students have grown and many are now looking to sell their jewellery and craft online. The PR class is excellent for those who are already familiar with social networking sites but feedback from our students is that many would like some more practical help with setting up a website, on social networking sites as well as advice on search engine optimisation.

How will the classes be taught?

You will be taught in groups of no more than eight students, as with all our classes. Each student will be provided with a laptop with an internet connection for the duration of the class and your tutor will talk you through the process step by step, giving support and advice on what to say and how to say it and help you feel confident in using your website or social networking sites at home.

web blog copy

Designing Your Own Website  (10am-5pm)

In this one day intensive class you will set up your own website using the free and simple to use website creation tool weebly.com.

Have a look at your tutor’s website that was created using weebly http://www.acampbell.info/

Techniques covered in this class include:

  • Setting up your own website with your choice of colours and layout
  • Setting up different pages so you can showcase photos of your work, create a ‘contact me’ form, about me section etc
  • Editing and adding to your pages so that you are confident in doing this at home
  • Purchasing a domain name (a website address) and attach it to your website
  • Setting up a sliding gallery of your images
  • Advice on selling online through the website (see below), online marketplace e.g. etsy, folksy etc

This class has been designed for new or existing jewellery business owners who would like to set up a website – whether to showcase their work or to sell from alternative sites e.g. etsy, folksy etc

Please note, if you want to set up a merchandised website you will need to purchase a professional weebly account (this is not covered in the course fee). Advice will be given on this and the costs involved and it is simple to do with weebly via google checkout or a paypal business account.


Social Media for Your Jewellery Business  (10am-5pm)

To actively promote your jewellery business you need to utilise the free social media that is out there to connect with potential customers. On this course you will set up business accounts and learn how to effectively promote your business on

  • twitter
  • facebook
  • pinterest

You will learn how to brand your business so that you link your social media together and have a coherent look to your business and get advice on how to use these effectively and efficiently so you can get on with making jewellery!

This course is designed for beginners with no knowledge or experience of social media.

Creating Your Own Jewellery Blog  (6.30pm-9.00pm)

Handmade jewellery is more popular than ever but how do you get your story across? Many people looking to buy unique and handmade items want to know the story behind them and the maker. A blog (short for weblog – a type of online diary)  is an excellent way of telling your story and connecting with buyers.

Techniques covered in this class include:

  • Setting up a free blog using google’s blogger.com service
  • Formatting your blog to make it look attractive to readers
  • Learning how to write a blog post, include images etc
  • How to link other social media you may already have to your blog e.g. twitter, facebook, pinterest
  • What to write and how often

Getting your business seen on Google (6.30pm-9.00pm)

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is important as it is the way you ensure your website, blog etc appear higher up the google search.

  • Techniques covered in this class:
  • Learn what people search for
  • How to ensure your website/blog etc can be optimised
  • Understand keywords and how to use them

About the tutor – Anna Campbell

My background is quite unusual but ideal for these classes! I am a qualified teacher and have previously worked in IT for a university teaching the professors how to use online services. I have developed my jewellery business and teaching to a point where I have given up that job in order to concentrate more on my business and jewellery designs. I have successfully used social media and my website to generate sales from all over the world.

Vote Rosie: LJS tutor is a jeweller to watch

display 2aWe are delighted to announce that LJS tutor Rosie Sanders has been chosen as one of the top ten up and coming jewellers to take part in the KickStart programme for International Jewellery London (IJL), the biggest jewellery trade show in the UK.

As part of the KickStart programme Rosie will be exhibiting on a group stand in IJL’s prestigious Design Gallery in September as well as previewing her new 18ct. gold vermeil enamel collection called ‘Renaissance Rebel’ in Leeds & Edinburgh in May and June.

This year the public and the jewellery industry will be able to choose their favourite from the ten selected KickStart jewellers through an online vote. The winner receives the People’s Choice Award which grants them a free stand at IJL 2014 to help grow their business.

In response to being chosen Rosie said that she “is extremely honoured to have been selected for KickStart at IJL. It’s a brilliant opportunity to showcase my designs, to meet buyers and to introduce my brand of neoclassical couture, but most importantly to meet and connect with other jewellery lovers from around the world.”


At LJS we are very pleased to see Rosie’s success as one of this year’s KickStarters and will be supporting her People’s Choice campaign. To help Rosie win this amazing opportunity you can vote for her via a number of social media channels:

On Twitter: Follow @jewellerylondon & tweet ‘@jewellerylondon I vote for @SandersRosie TO WIN #KickStartVote #IJL2013 #LJS’

On Instagram: Follow @jewellerylondon AND post a picture of Rosie or one of her pieces with the following message ‘@jewellerylondon I vote for @rosie_sanders_jewellery TO WIN #KickStartVote #IJL2013 #LJS ’

On International Jewellery London Website: Voters may also cast their votes directly at www.jewellerylondon.com

On Professional Jeweller online magazine where there is an online poll at:  http://www.professionaljeweller.com/ and you can see who is winning after placing your vote!

Please do show your support by voting for Rosie to win this years People’s Choice Award.

Voting closes in two weeks on the 31st of May so get voting NOW!

London Jewellers’ Meetup: Hear from award winning designer Shaun Leane

If you are working in the jewellery sector whether for someone else or running your own business then there is a new date for your diary.

This month sees the launch of a new monthly networking event aimed at bringing together members of the jewellery community including early-stage jewellery business owners, designers of established brands, and businesses, groups or individuals involved in the industry in some way.

shaun leane copy

Shaun Leane receiving a recent award

The first event takes place on the 14th May at the Christopher Hatton Pub on Leather Lane, where award winning jewellery designer Shaun Leane will be speaking around the theme of ‘Workshop to Worldwide’ – something that many growing jewellery businesses can relate and aspire to. There will be the opportunity to meet Shaun as well as many other jewellery designers, businessmen and women so this is an event not to be missed.

The group, named London Jewellery Meetup was formed out of the realisation that there are too many start-up businesses and brands that don’t have anywhere to go for advice and support. Through networking and sharing with other members, this support can be provided, and can hopefully lead to the development and growth of these businesses now and in the future.

The London Jewellery Meetup has been put together initially by collaboration between Joshua Kovacs of IBB and Jessica Rose, founder of the London Jewellery School with an aim to creating a long-term self-sufficient event that can be accessed and utilised by everyone involved in the jewellery industry.

‘It is often easy to forget that there is a whole community of jewellers out there that have done or are doing similar businesses to you, by offering a neutral platform to meet, learn from and engage with others we hope to help build a more collaborative industry with a sustainable future that we can all benefit from’  says
Jessica Rose.

Guest speaker Shaun Leane, recent winner of the Harper’s Bazaar Jewelry China international designer of the year award, when speaking of the Meetup said:  ‘I was excited to hear about the London Jewellery Meetup and am honoured to be a part of it. With the right support and encouragement, there is great potential for even more of our talented British jewellers to succeed at home and abroad.’

For full information on the event including signing up for future events, visit the meet up page http://www.meetup.com/Jewellery-Meetup/