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Narrative Jewelry by Mark Fenn-Book Review


Narrative jewelry by Mark Fenn

Tell me about it. As anyone that has ever asked about my jewellery making knows, every piece tells a tale, even the plainest looking ring. Jewellery goes on adventures with you, reminds you of a person, holiday or the mistake you made that made it look so cool. Pieces often have their own lives that are special to the wearer, but Narrative Jewelry by Mark Fenn is a delightful investigation into the creators who set out to tell a story with their work. And we thought that today, National Handmade Day, would be a great day to share our thoughts on this fantastic book.

This hefty tome features 241 inspiring jewellers. Their comedy, politics, puns and personal lives are spun out in metal and yarn (and soap, resin, plastic, paper, models, cigarettes and gemstones) on the pages. Life-changing moments as well as the horror and beauty of the everyday are given equal importance by the memorial created in their honour. Clear colour images and accompanying descriptions tell their tales and the pieces are a broad spectrum of the most interesting jewellery out there today.

Nick Palmer’s piece was made as a theoretical commission; a task I would highly recommend. Fantasy dinner party surely can’t compare.

Not only does this beautiful book show how jewellery can skillfully be used to tell a story or do more than just be pretty, it shows a way to embrace a wide range of techniques used by skilled international jewellers. It’s the kind of book that you want to sit down and read like a novel, but the images distract you with their own little stories. It’s a great book, all of the tutors want to steal it off me when I am looking at it, I can tell. For a teaser a maker is featured online each week here.

Lil Adams is the London Jewellery School Sundays Studio Manager. Lil studied Fine Art in Leeds and lived in Melbourne before travelling about and settling in London. She now works at the British Architectural Library and enjoys making jewellery with found and natural objects and is shamelessly addicted to casting. You can see her work on instagram @smalltoad_jewellery



What’s on your Christmas list? Jewellery books to ask Santa for

Sometimes, when Christmas comes around and you are asked what you want it is hard to say. Here are a few jewellery books tutor Anna Campbell recommends for your Christmas list.

I have a shelf full of jewellery books that I love to flick through for inspiration. For me, books are a perfect Christmas gift. I’ve looked at books focusing on specific jewellery making techniques and have featured some by our talented staff.


silver jewellery books

Silversmithing for jewelry makers by Elizabeth Bone. A fantastic resource written by one of our talented tutors


silver jewellery books

Behind the brooch by Lorena Angulo. I love this book. Lorena Angulo has compiled images of brooches made in many different media but focuses on innovative ways to design the back of the brooch.


silver jewellery books

Stonesetting for contemporary jewellery makers by Melissa Hunt. Another book by a tutor, invaluable if you want to learn more about different methods of stone setting


Beading and wire jewellery

beading jewellery book

Bead and wire fashion jewellery by Jessica Rose. Written by our director Jess, this book provides ideas, mood boards and step by step tutorials


wire woven jewellery book

Timeless wire weaving by Lisa Barth. I have been fortunate to attend a masterclass with Lisa and her book is well written and clear with some beautiful ideas


beaded jewellery book

Stringing and linking jewelry workshop by Sian Hamilton. Editor of Making Jewellery magazine Sian Hamilton has curated some tutorials that have been featured in the magazine. It’s great to see these collected into themed books


Metal clay

metal clay jewellery book

Magical metal clay jewellery by Sue Heaser. An excellent resource for beginners with metal clay


metal clay jewellery book

Metal clay jewelry workshop by Sian Hamilton. Part of the series mentioned above edited by Sian Hamilton


metal clay jewellery book

Metal clay fusion by Gordon Uyehara. A more advanced metal clay book with really inspiring ideas

Which jewellery books do you recommend? Let us know your favourites on our  Facebook page or on Twitter.

Anna Campbell is a tutor at the London Jewellery School and runs her own jewellery business Campbell Hall Designs.

Book Review: 1000 Beads

Continuing our reviews of inspiring jewellery books, Anna Campbell takes a look a must for all bead lovers.

jewellery making

If you’re not familiar with publisher Lark Crafts500 series’ of books then you’re in for a treat. Each book features 500 gorgeous pieces of contemporary craft following a theme and with titles such as 500 rings and 500 pendants and lockets (among others) there are lots (and lots!) of gorgeous pieces to inspire.


beads jewellery making


The latest book gives us even more – 1000 beads. Beads have been made and worn for at least 40,000 years with many beautiful examples being found at archaeological digs. The importance of jewellery and adornment through the centuries has been demonstrated with beads being found in graves and featured in art including sculpture.

The latest offering from Lark Crafts is an enchanting book to flick through or pore over featuring beads made from artists from all over the world (including Lynne Glazzard from Yorkshire whose silver clay, enamel and glass lampwork beads feature on the front cover). This satisfyingly weighty book will appeal to all those with a love of jewellery and jewellery making. T

he beads are made by contemporary artists from many types of materials from the more traditional glass, silver, ceramic and enamel to metal clay, polymer clay, felt, paper, beadweaving and bone. Some of the images are of individual beads, some of a collection of beads or a piece like a necklace. All are worthy of inclusion in a book juried by Kristina Logan, international recognised for her glass bead artistry.

It is a lovely book to flick through and marvel at the artistry. Definitely a book (and a series) for the jewellery makers bookcase.

Anna Campbell is an experienced teacher and enjoys different types of jewellery making including beading and metal clay. She runs her own business, Light Boat Jewellery and has made jewellery for celebrities.

If you want to share a review of an inspirational jewellery book, drop an email to press@londonjewelleryschool.co.uk.