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Jewel Day-All that glitters

Often in life it’s the genuine article, the purest and most natural, which we value most. All gemstones have a special month to shine, see ‘Birthstones’. So it’s worth exploring the joys of the unreal, underappreciated or synthetic of the jewellery world on Jewel day.


Let’s first take a look at the useful, synthetic, Cubic Zirconia (aka CZ). CZ may not be the product of the forces of nature but it’s no fake and has much to recommend it for use in jewellery making. Low cost, durable and flawless, these faceted beauts can be made in many colours. And Cubic Zirconia is up there with diamond in strength, measuring 8 ½ to a diamond’s 10 on the Mohs* scale.

Next, let’s turn our starry-eyed attention to the Druzy. Druzy is a crystal coating on top of a colourful mineral. These crystals can vary in size and are commonly found on quartz, but also garnet, calcite, malachite and dolomite. Usually found where rocks have contact with water that can evaporate, the crystal finish is the last layer of growth. These are naturally occurring gems, but they have the tendency to look manufactured due to the overly glittery appearance of the crystals and that the stones can be coloured. London Jewellery School tutor Amy Keeper often utilises Druzy stones in her work.

Jeweller Nikki Couppee experiments with different combinations of synthetic materials and resins in the making of her flamboyant hologem pieces. She uses everyday materials like silver foil to replicate the appearance and lustre of gemstones with an astonishing variety of results.

Couppee’s work may be shiny and pretty on the surface but its meanings run deep and reflect on themes of jewellery’s role in society and the psychology behind adornment. Her early jewellery making experiments were products of a hurricane that destroyed the area of Florida where she lived in. Leaving a plethora of materials broken from the houses that were swept away, young Couppee would create jewellery from these pieces built up like mosaics. It’s not what you’ve got, it’s what you do with it. Also (unrelated), some of her pieces glow in the dark!

Whether your gems be real or fake, we have a number of courses that can inspire you to shine with them.

*Moh’s scale is named after Frederick Moh who invented a scale for hardness based on the ability for minerals to scratch each other.







Beautiful earrings without a piercing

Tutor Anna Campbell looks at ear piece designs without a piercing.

A few weeks ago I was teaching the Beginners Beading class London Jewellery School. During that class you learn techniques to make earrings, two types of necklace and two types of bracelet. At this particular class one student asked if she could make clip on earrings as her ears weren’t pierced. It is an unusual request as most people who attend the class have pierced ears but it got me to thinking about earring designs without piercings. We tend to think of the Pat Butcher style earring but there are some fashionable alternatives out there.

Hook style

This style of earring has a wire hook that goes around the top of the ear to secure the earring and tends to have dangles


I love this dangle feather earring cuff from Anni Jurgenson


making earrings

This edgy spike design is from Elite Fashion club


earring making

A modern take on classic pearls and gold metal from Crunchy Fashion


Ear cuffs

ear cuff

This ear saver is from Chapman jewelry


ear cuff

Pave cz set ear cuff by i Precious


ear cuff

Simple wire ear cuff by Take on me 7


Ear climbers

ear climbers

Ear climber by Emmanuela


ear climber jewellery

Steampunk wire wrapped ear climber by Bodaszilvia

ear climber

Snake ear wrap by Marty Magic

Have you made any ear jewellery that doesn’t need a piercing? We’d love to see what you’ve made so please share pictures of your work with us on our facebook page or on twitter.

Anna Campbell is a tutor at the London Jewellery School and runs her own jewellery business Campbell Hall Designs.

Innovative earring design

LJS tutor Anna Campbell looks at some innovative earring designs for inspiration

I am a big fan of pinterest for finding and sharing beautiful jewellery designs and I have noticed a trend for some unusual and innovative earring designs.

Front and back earrings

Traditionally earrings are designed to be seen front on but this new trend for front and back earrings means they are more versatile as they can often be worn two ways. The focus on the back of the earring means that there is something to be seen from the back of your head.

back to front earrings

These pearl earrings worn by Emma Watson have a smaller pearl stud at the front and a larger one at the back. Source: Silverstella


reversible stud earrings

These earrings are pearls on one side and sterling silver and cubic zircona on the other and can be worn


back to front earrings

These earrings from Rebecca Minkoff feature a stylised hook coming from the back around to the ear lobe.


back to front earring

I love this geometric design from Laonato on Etsy


back to front earrings

These are rose gold plated and available from Astrid and Miyu


back to front earrings

These bronze and silver mixed metal earrings are from Crusoe jewelry


Ear climbers

Ear climbers, sometimes called vines, are often studs with an additional piece of wire so they stay in place ‘climbing’ up the ear rather than hanging down.


ear climbers

These ear climbers, as worn by Jennifer Lawrence, are similar to more well known ear cuffs.



ear climbers

Diamond and white gold ear climbers available in Bloomingdales


ear climbers

Moonstone ear climbers by Leah Alexandra


ear climbers

Jack Vartanian’s yellow gold and black rhodium ear climbers

Have you made any front and back earrings or ear climbers? We’d love to see your take on this trend so please share pictures of your work with us on our facebook page or on twitter.

Anna Campbell is a tutor at the London Jewellery School and runs her own jewellery business Campbell Hall Designs. She sells online from her website and at the Things British shop in Greenwich, London.



Never be without the perfect earrings

Last week we posted a tutorial on making some summer charm earrings.

This week we have had several beading classes in the studios and we’ve been talking about that tutorial and how once you start to build your bead and findings stash you will always have the right earrings for any outfit. Some of us even admitted to getting out the pliers to make a pair while having our breakfasts.

With this in mind we thought we’d share links to some more DIY earring projects to inspire you – just be careful not to drop your pliers in the marmalade.

earring diy

1. Statement chain earrings from our sister blog Jewellery From Home.  You can create a lot of different looks by using different change colours or trying pearls or wooden beads.

2. True stash earrings created using just jumprings and seed beads by The Sits Girls.

3. These earrings from the Happy Go Lucky blog are a great jumping off point to try all sorts of of sizes for focal beads and clusters. You could also use large charms for the focal bead.

4. Another stash buster using wire and beads. The size of your hoop can vary depending on what you use as a mandral. Tutorial from The Silly Pearl.

5. These simple wire wrapped earrings are a quick make, once you learn the basics in this LJS tutorial.

6. Weave crystals on tiger tail to create statement pieces. See how here.