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Birthstones for December-Tanzanite, Zircon and Turquoise-Wild blue yonder

As the year draws to an end sometimes we start to question things. Reflect. What will we do next year? What is the meaning of life? Why is the sky blue (or probably grey)? Well sorry, haven’t got the answer to those, ask google maybe. But we can round off the year by discussing why Turquoise is blue and sometimes greener and why Tanzanite is called Tanzanite.

So, you fun December kids have a deep pool of blue shades to choose from as birthstones in these three.

Turquoise gets its name from the Turkish stone-trade route that brought it to Europe. Sky blue is the rarest colour and is caused by the presence of copper in its composition, or, alternatively when there is more of a tinge of green, this is due to iron. Veins of the ‘host rock’ can be seen in many stones. Turquoise was one of the first stones to be mined and was mined and traded in many countries around the world. Turquoise has been used in ornamentation in ancient cultures including Egypt and is a respected gemstone in Native American culture, used by tribal healers and worn by warriors wishing to succeed in battle.


Pamela Love

Zircon can come in many colours, its blue variety is created through heat treatment. The naturally brown zircons are the most common and the red variety is the most rare and expensive. Zircon was used for centuries in Indian and Sri Lankan jewellery. It is said to give a restful night’s sleep, absorb negative vibrations and have strong healing properties. Not bad for a stone that can be confused with the completely man-made, however useful, cubic zirconia.


Mark Nuell

Tanzanite was discovered in Tanzania, as late as 1967, hence the name. The blue of tanzanite is a unique colour, different to other blue gems and was introduced to the world of mainstream jewellery by Tiffany and Co. This stone is thought to cleanse the chakras and help the wearer pursue their dreams and seek their purpose in life. Who said jewellery wasn’t the answer?


Tiffany & Co

So, whether you chose Turquoise, Zircon or Tanzanite to guide you. Wishing you a restful end of the year, the renewed energy to pursue your dreams in the new year and success in any battles you may encounter. Maybe you could start by pursuing one of our courses.

Lil Adams is the London Jewellery School Sundays Studio Manager. Lil studied Fine Art in Leeds and lived in Melbourne before travelling about and settling in London. She now works at the British Architectural Library and enjoys making jewellery with found and natural objects and is shamelessly addicted to casting.


Turquoise – the true colour of this time of year

While our colour pallets tend to be dominated by gold, green and red in the run up to Christmas, the traditional birthstone colour for December is blue – in particular turquoise.

We’ve picked out a few pieces to inspire you.

turquoise jewellery

Because of the graduations in colours and veins in turquoise it is a stone that can stand out even when used very simply as here with silver focal point in a necklace by Pamela Lauz


turquoise jewellery

Here Blue Skies Jewellery has used irregular slabs of turquoise to naturally create a statement with some beads as spacers.


December birthstone jewellery

In this turquoise and wire ring the stone does the talking with the setting being as unobtrusive as possible. Ring from Khum Wieng Kham


turquoise brithstone december

But you don’t have to go big with turquoise. In this ring by Charlotte’s Web, the small stone adds a highlight to the silver.


december birthstone jewellery

Turquoise also works well with other strong colours such as lapis lazuli or coral, as seen above in a necklace from Making a Statement Jewellery


turquoise jewellery

You can also find turquoise druzy stones – the glittery blue looks great in a simple gold setting as in this pendant by Lovely Leffler

Do you use turquoise in your jewellery – share some pictures with us on Facebook and Twitter.