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What can you learn in an evening?

Here at the London Jewellery School, we have classes of different lengths but which do you choose if you’d just like to try out a new technique? Tutor Anna Campbell gives you the lowdown on our taster classes


What are taster classes?
Our taster classes are short evening classes designed to get you started with a new technique. What’s great is that by the end of the class you will have made at least one piece of jewellery and will have a good idea about whether you would like to take a longer or more advanced class in that technique.


When are taster classes run?
Our taster classes are run on weekday evenings from 6.30-9pm so are perfect for those who work in London to attend. You can see the complete list of all our taster classes here along with the scheduled dates for the year.


What can I learn?

Our expert tutors teach taster classes in a wide variety of subjects including


Cocktail rings

Silver clay


Perspex jewellery

Make a fascinator

Hand stamped silver

Silver stacked rings

Wax carving

Polymer clay

Introduction to gemstones


And more!


Here are a few of the classes that are coming up


Wax carving


Next available date: Tuesday 23rd May 6.30-9pm

Learn to make a simple but beautiful wax carved ring in just one evening! And your ring will be totally unique!

This class is a great introduction to wax carving and is often taken before doing our Beginners Wax Carving course and is a great one to do with friends as a fun evening out.  

Throughout the evening our experienced tutor will guide you through the process of sizing, shaping and carving the wax using hand tools and heat, adding a texture to your ring if you like.

By the end of the class you will have created your unique wax carved ring which we will then arrange to be cast into your choice of metal (silver, copper or bronze), and it will be completely polished and finished for you ready to wear. Your ring will be posted out to you within 3 weeks of the class or you are welcome to collect it from the School. Best of all this is included in the cost of the course!


Perspex taster class


Next available date: Wednesday 24th May 6.30-9pm

Perspex is a hugely versatile material that can be used for small subtle piece of jewellery as well as large fashion pieces.

Perspex is a brand of acrylic plastic that is often used as a substitute for glass. It comes in a rigid sheet and can be sawn or laser cut and bent using heat. It is available in a wide variety of colours and finishes and there’s almost no limit to what you can make. Also, with a little thought and preparation perspex jewellery can be made from home as it needs minimal equipment.

Techniques covered in this class include:

  • Sawing and cutting perspex from a template
  • Filing, sanding and polishing
  • Drilling
  • Attaching stones  


Cocktail rings taster class

party jewellery

You can find a range of ring projects in this tutorial – and make one to match every outfit.

Next available date: Thursday 25th May 6.30-9pm

Come along for a few hours make a beautiful cocktail ring (or two).This is a fun-filled, creative class (non-creatives are very welcome!)

Throughout the evening our expert tutor will guide you through the full process of making your own ring from scratch. We use a mixture of colourful beads combined with silver or gold-plated wire to make your bling statement ring.

Once you know how to make them you will have lots of orders pouring in from friends and family for their very own rings – you have been warned! 


Silver clay taster class


Next available date: Wednesday 7th June 6.30-9pm

Learn to make your own personalised silver pendant in just one evening…

You will be using a great material called metal clay. Metal clay is a clay-based substance containing millions of tiny silver particles when you fire the clay under a torch or in a kiln all of the clay burns away and you are left with a solid silver piece – it’s like magic!

This is an excellent class to take if you have limited space at home and would like to make silver jewellery.

An expert tutor will guide you through the whole process from making the piece, through to firing and polishing.

Absolutely no experience is necessary as this is a beginners level class and complete beginners are welcome.

What would you like to make in a taster class? Let us know in the comments below

New projects for our beading classes

Did you see that we have designed all new projects for our beading classes? We run one day classes for beginners, intermediate and advanced beaders. And now there are all new techniques to learn! Here are the projects and some photos to inspire you!


Beginners beading

This course is designed for complete beginners or those who would like to practice and develop their core skills.


Earring project


In this project you will learn how to

  • Make your own bespoke earring wires
  • Use bead caps
  • Make neat and even loops in wire
  • Open and close jump rings


Stacking bangles


In this project you will learn how to

  • Make your own bangles from wire
  • Create your own finish on the bangles including a hammered texture
  • Add charms and beads to your bangle


Necklace with decorative components


You will learn how to

  • Add beads and charms using wire and jump rings
  • Add chain


Double-row necklace


You will learn how to

  • Use stringing materials e.g. tiger tail
  • Effectively design your piece so it hangs well
  • Use crimps
  • Professionally finish your pieces


Intermediate beading

Designed for those that have attended beginners beading or those with some beading experience, you will learn a wide variety of more advanced skills on this one day class


Cluster cocktail ring and single stone cocktail ring



You will learn how to

  • Make and size your own ring with wire
  • Wire wrap beads to decorate your ring
  • Make a wire ring with a focal bead


Tassel earrings


You will learn how to

  • Make your own bespoke earring wires
  • Create a rosary link
  • Add chain to make a tassel




You will learn how to

  • Design your own bracelet with multiple components
  • Create a rosary link chain of beads
  • Link elements with wire and jump rings


T bar and toggle clasp


You will learn how to

  • Make your own bespoke findings to match your jewellery designs
  • Make an effective toggle clasp out of wire


Lariat necklace


You will learn how to

  • Make a lariat clasp in your choice of shape
  • Make a cluster bead pendant
  • Attach chain


Advanced beading

Designed for those that are ready to take their skills to the next level, some more advanced and complex skills and the opportunity to work on your own mixed media project with tutor support




You will learn how to

  • Weave beads and chain to make a cuff
  • Design your own mixed media variation including cord, buttons etc
  • The same techniques can be used to make other types of jewellery including earrings


Structured earrings


You will learn how to

  • Make your own wire frames
  • Add beaded elements
  • Use these design to make a pendant, necklace, lariat etc


Freestyle project


You will learn how to

  • Use the techniques you have learnt to design a statement piece with tutor support
  • Experiment with mixed media including wire, beads, chain, buttons, cord, fringing, ribbon etc


Hopefully we have something new to tempt you to come and visit us in our studio at Hatton Garden, London! For more information on our beading classes and to book online click here. Alternatively give us a call on 0203 176 0546

If you have any ideas for courses you would like to take/skills you’d like to learn please do let us know. We’d love to hear from you in the comments below

Step-by step guide to making beaded cocktail rings

 These are a perfect project for using up odd beads and creating truly unique pieces of jewelry. 

Materials – 0.3mm wire, 0.8mm, wire, ring mandrel, mix of beads from 1cm to 6mm


Step 1. Cut a length of 18 gauge wire approx. 30cm long. Taking the ring mandrel wrap the wire around three times. You want your ring size to be one size larger than your finished ring.

Step 2. Wrap the ends of the wire around the ‘ring’. Do this three or four times with each end and then snip off any extra wires.

Step 3. Take a piece of 28 gauge wire approx. 70 – 80cm long, fix the wire to ring with a few wraps. Add a bead and then wrap the wire around the ring and bead a few times.

Step 4. Keep adding beads, wrapping and fixing as you go. Make sure you mix your bead sizes, shapes and colours to create a really interesting design. Each one will be different so enjoy the process. Once happy with the design wrap the wire the side of the ring a few times and snip off the excess wire.

We had so much fun making these beautiful rings, we played with colored metals (copper, gold and silver) and then used all our favorite beads to add detail and interest. The best bit is these are really quick to make so would make perfect extra gifts for friends and family – and dress up a New Year’s party outfit.
If this has got you interested in wire jewelry, then make sure you check out our Introduction to Wire Jewelry with the fab Linda Jones.

Recycling your jewellery

Spring is finally here and the bright light flowing into our homes has set some of us to spring cleaning and a general clear out.

However, if you have magpie tendencies like many of the London Jewellery School team, you may find it difficult to throw away broken jewellery or indeed anything pretty. So we’ve gathered some inspirations for recycling jewellery, in the hope we won’t all glance sadly into the same box of broken bits when next year’s spring clear out comes round.

Broken necklaces and bracelets offer great opportunities for recycling, have a think about how you might restring them. Tutor Anna Campbell created this necklace from a broken bracelet and some stash beads – you can read more about what she did here.


Lonely odd earrings and other bits and bobs can be used to create fun charm bracelets like this one by Andrea Singarella. Our upcycle your jewellery taster class can help with this and other ideas.


Or use odd stud or vintage clip earrings to create quirky cocktail rings using Craft Unleashed’s tutorial.


Think too about combining your scrap jewellery with lovely left over fabric. For inspirations take a look at the beautiful vintage brooch and fabric bouquets created by LJS tutor Gail Florio


Or combine fabric, such as part of a torn silk scarf, with beads and odd earrings for a new take on a charm bracelet like this one by Sharon Conetta Vitale


It’s not just beaded jewellery and vintage oddments that you can makeover, Unwanted silver (and other metals) can be melted down and recycled. London Jewellery School has a class on Recycling Silver if you want to find out more.



Meet Jessica Rose and see her new book at the Handmade Fair

London Jewellery School is busy preparing to run the jewellery workshops at September’s giant craft event, The Handmade Fair presented by Kirstie Allsopp. The fair takes place on 19-21 September at Hampton Court.

Full Creative A4

As well as the workshops there will be opportunities to meet Jessica Rose, London Jewellery School founder. Jess will be popping into the jewellery tent to help teach some of our workshops as well as signing her book Bead and Wire Fashion Jewelry and demonstrating projects from the book on the GMC Publications stand in the East Tent each afternoon.

beads wire fashion jewelry

In the jewellery skills tent LJS will be running workshops on creating wire cocktail rings, chandelier earrings and memory wire bracelets. We have a great selection of tutors taking part including Gail Florio, Mary Ann Nelson, Penny Akester, Hayley Kruger and Anna Campbell.


Joining us for some jewellery making fun is only part of the fun. Tickets include access to a grand make session – such as origami floristry and excitingly pompom making to beat the world record for the longest line of pompoms – and the talks in the Super Theatre which include an expert from the V&A, designers such as Cath Kidson, and sessions on using Pinterest and Etsy (follow the links to find out more).

We’re looking forward to sharing the love of jewellery making with 100s of new people and meeting lots of handmade fans – hopefully we’ll see you there.