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From Junk to Jewels: a new trend for 2017

Eclecticism and extra-large jewellery peppered the catwalks of the collections for Spring/Summer 2017.

Could this be the long-awaited backlash against minimalism and the dainty?

These two trends really appeal to a hoarder- jeweller like me. I save all sorts of objects that I know will one day become something more than their original purpose. While the designers are reaching for lighters, ropes and bike chains, I favour LEGO, toy soldiers and sea glass. Bringing unconventional items into the mix can be a great way of introducing colour to metal work, presenting interesting challenges in setting or creating special findings to show them off.


I recently discovered New Zealand contemporary jeweller Lisa Walker whose carefully-selected objects for neckpieces include children’s toys, pebbles, kitchen utensils and (in the most unwieldy case) a laptop suspended on a braided rope necklace. (As a wearer you may want to avoid going so big that you can’t leave the house – maybe stick to a Gameboy!) What’s interesting is that Walker is not averse to a more delicate piece of wire work. This contradiction left me feeling that it was the selection of the objects that was key rather than a consistent or conventional aesthetic. Items we select to keep close to us and statements made on gallery walls are not too far removed from each other.

Lisa Walker, 0+0=0 exhibition at Christchurch Art Gallery

So why not embrace your inner hoarder and make a statement? For courses that may help with utilising your found objects in your jewellery making, like Cold Connections, Mixed Media Jewellery, Introduction to Jewellery Making and Make Your Own Silver Findings visit our website or give us a call.

Treasure shouldn’t stay buried

One of my own favourite pieces is a melted LEGO police containment unit. This came from an idea that goes way back to when my brother (now a chef) put a LEGO car in the oven when we were children and it melted into a cool, wobbly but still defined, shape. (Disclaimer: not endorsing melting LEGO in your oven!) The police unit piece is threaded onto a cord from a haberdashery with simple copper wrap finding to secure. It is one of my most complemented necklaces. So it’s always worth keeping hold of broken bits and pieces or experiments for jewellery projects.


Hopefully helpful hints:

-See what you have, keep a bead box, keep your mistakes, keep objects and images that interest you or remind you of a particular trip or a time. In the past I have made paper beads by rolling up strips from a comic or the insides of envelopes and securing with pva glue (not a necklace to wear in the shower).

-Find interesting ways of connecting them, see what looks good together. At this stage I find interesting pieces of broken chain or failed experiments from other projects come in handy. Drawing ideas or making a mock up before constructing them can always help develop something more interesting and avoid mishaps with your precious treasures.

What has inspired your personal collection so far this year? Tell us what you have been making.

Lil Adams is the London Jewellery School Sundays Studio Manager. Lil studied Fine Art in Leeds and lived in Melbourne before travelling about and settling in London. She now works at the British Architectural Library and enjoys making jewellery with found and natural objects and is shamelessly addicted to casting.




Spring jewellery trends

What will your jewellery look be this spring? Have you been looking to the catwalks for inspiration.


At LJS we’ve been taking a look to see what’s leading the way.

It seems for this spring and summer the key words are bright, big and bold.

A browse through the magazine and fashion blogs brings up words like neon and mentions of yellow, nectarine, emerald green and poppy red. So think strong colours.

Perspex and resin pieces can really make a colour statement.

As can wire wrapped stones – which may also tie in with another trend for big crystals, colourful beads and cabochons. Also think about putting your centre pieces on leather or cord rather than chains to create a more tribal look.

8190657910_3d53a3c05f_m    1013-420-315-0-0-420-315

Leather and other hide such as snakeskin is another big catwalk trend – Gucci even combined snakeskin and fringing in a dramatic cuff – as well as tribal and animal prints.

Bold cuffs remain popular as do head pieces but it seems the spikier the better.

The great thing is that while the Paris catwalk seems a million miles from our everyday lives, many of these looks are achievable to make. All the jewellery shown in this post is from our classes.

8202972914_d25bf98f23_bWe’ve put together a Pinterest board showing some of the catwalk and top designer looks to inspire you. 8201705927_fd3526c255_m

Plus here are a few suggestions of classes that might help you create that key look – wire and beading, Perspex, resin, wood, leather , polymer clayand fashion jewellery all offer ways to come up with your key spring statement look.

So come along and join us to create your on trend jewellery to look fabulous this spring.