Our jewellery making christmas list!

With christmas just around the corner we asked some of our staff what is on their jewellery making christmas list!


Jessica Rose – Founder


Source etsy: https://www.etsy.com/market/aquamarine_beads

‘Gemstones! I love working with gemstone beads, particularly citrine, blue topaz, aquamarine …’


Anna Campbell – Tutor

Source: http://www.metalclay.co.uk/jooltool/

Jool Tool and metal clay bead builders

‘After a visit to Metal Clay last month I am definitely coveting the Jool Tool, a polishing machine that I got to see in action! I would also like some of the metal clay bead builders in my christmas stocking! They are special moulds for metal clay to make Pandora-style beads in different shapes.’


Karen Young – Marketing Coordinator


Source: http://www.fretzdesign.com/pt-17-fretz-hammer-pendant.html

Fretz Hammer Pendant

‘This is on my xmas wishlist! It is a really cute replica Fretz hammer pendant. I love my Fretz Hammers so would be nice to have a mini one to wear’


Helen Walls – Tutor



Source: https://www.hswalsh.com/categories/combination-rolling-mills


Durston Rolling Mill

‘I love recycling my silver (and gold when it’s about) so it makes a sound investment for rolling out sheet and wire as well as texturing sheet’


Penny Akester – Tutor



Source: http://www.cooksongold.com/Jewellery-Tools/Sievert-Professional-Torch-Kit-prcode-999-AKZ1


Annealing pan and Sievert torch
‘An Annealing pan and Sievert torch (with a dedicated ‘hearth’ area in my workshop) – so that I can work on larger scale pieces and do more ‘home’ casting – I love experimenting with casting and making larger pieces and now I’m not working from home (in a block of flats with rather fussy neighbours) I can have a gas canister and full torch set-up – yay!
Mostly – just for me – a special treat – a Knew Concept saw – totally unnecessary, as I already have a fixed saw frame (my favourite), an adjustable one, and an extra deep one for cutting out big sections when a standard frame won’t reach, but this would be a real luxury treat gift – I keep hearing how lovely they are to work with, and maybe it will be so lovely to cut shapes out with, that it will save me the huge cost of the saw, in the reduction in broken saw blades? (I doubt it though!!) ;)’


Annie Mason – Tutor


Source: http://www.cooksongold.com/Jewellery-Tools/-Range=Mandrels/-Size=0/-Type=0/-Brand=0/-Font=0/&prdsearch=y


‘Disc cutters and a large bangle mandrel!’


What’s on your list? Let us know in the comments below.


Author: Anna Campbell

LJG Guest Blogger - Anna Campbell of Campbell Hall Designs

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