Saul Bell Award Winners 2016!

London Jewellery School Blog-Saul Bell Award Winners 2016!

It’s time to take a break! Grab yourself a cup of tea and a biscuit and enjoy some inspiring jewellery!


The Saul Bell Design Award is a jewellery design competition which awards ‘an original vision, a fresh take on traditional methods and materials and a mastery of your craft’

The award is split into six categories, with five finalists per category (seven finalists in the emerging artist category).


The six categories are

  • Gold/platinum
  • Silver/argentium
  • Metal clay
  • Enamel
  • Holloware
  • Alternative metals/materials
  • Emerging artist


We shared with you on social media the finalists of the Saul Bell Award and now the winners have been announced! Prepared to be inspired by the winners (and I recommend a look at all the finalists whose work is just astounding).




 “The Queen” by Garen Garibian (USA)




“Unity” by Seung  Jeon Paik (USA)


Metal Clay


“Adore” by Rodica Frunze (Canada)




“On The Wing” by Debbie Sheezel (Australia)




“Mace”by Tom Ferrero (USA)


Alternative metals/ materials

2016_SBDA-ZoltanDavidIN -FRONT

“Moonshine” by Zoltan David (USA)

Emerging Artist



“L’oiseau de la nuit” by Justine Quintal (Canada)

Which is your favourite piece? Let us know in the comments below!

Author: Anna Campbell


LJG Guest Blogger - Anna Campbell of Campbell Hall Designs

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