Men’s Jewellery Part 2 – Father’s Day is coming…

London Jewellery School Blog - Men's Jewellery - Part 2 - Cover Photo


In honour of the rapid approach of father’s day, we recently published a blog post on different trends and inspirations in cufflinks. In this post I have been looking at other types of men’s jewellery for inspiration!

1. Men’s Bracelets

Men’s bracelets tend to be chunky, made of leather or thick chain


London Jewellery School Blog_Mens jewellery_Principles Bracelet

Black cord and bronze bracelet from Principles


London Jewellery School Blog_Mens Jewellery_hamsa-bracelet-for-men-black-faux-leather-mens-by-principles-

Hamsa bracelet from Principles


London Jewellery School Blo_Men's Jewellery_Men's Chain Bracelets_Katie's Bike

Play hard bike chain bracelet from Katie’s bike


2. Men’s Necklaces

London Jewellery School Blog- Men's Jewellery-easy-on-the-eye-cool-mens-necklaces-uk-cool-mens-necklaces-ukcoolest-mens-necklacescool-guys-necklacesnice-mens-necklaceshottest-mens-necklacescool-mens

Titanium necklace from Super Monde


Men's Necklace

Necklace from Pearlatplay


Chainmaille Necklace

Chainmaille necklace from Destai Details


3. Tie pins

London jewellery school blog - Men's Jewellery - Alison Moore - contour_mountain_tie

Mountain tie clip from Alison Moore


London Jewellery School Blog - Men's Jewellery - Louy Magroos original_handmade-oxidised-silver-deco-pinstripe-tie-pin

Silver deco pinstripe tie pin from Louy Magroos


London Jewellery School Blog-Men's Jewellery-Bat-Tie-Clip

Bat tie pin from Kevin Coss Designs

Do you make men’s jewellery? We’d love to see your creations! Do share them with us in the comments below or via our instagram, twitter or facebook pages.

Author: Anna Campbell

LJG Guest Blogger - Anna Campbell of Campbell Hall Designs

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