Trendwatch: Mismatched earrings

Saoirse Ronan’s choice of mismatched earrings on the Oscars red carpet has brought this recent trend back into the fashion headlines again and as I sat down to wrtite today’s blog I realised I had joined in. Today I have a little silver spoon dangling from one ear and a fork from the other. So it seemed the right day to talk about this trend which will lend itself to pretty much any jewellery technique.

asymetric earrings

Saoirse Ronan’s Choppard earrings at the Oscars, Gwyneth Paltrow’s stud and vintage diamond by Eliane Fattal for S.J. Phillips combo, and colour contrst from Nina Ricci

There are lots of options for the mismatching trend including the same shape in contrast ing colours such as the Choppard and Nina Ricci examples above or:

mismatched arrings trend

Variations on a theme. Like my cutlery earrings, this anchor set by Ornativa shares a theme and colour


assymetic earrings

Same materials but different shapes or lengths, as with this pair by Nadia Minkoff



assymetic earrings

Stud and dangle combination. These work well using the same beads or stones but you might want to think about how to wear your hair for maximum impact. This selection is from Sophies Closet


Or go wild with any shape and colour combination you like. As Nina Ricci has here.

Or go wild with any shape and colour combination you like. As Nina Ricci has here.

To get started spread out some of the earring you’ve made on a tray and try putting them into different combinations. Or do the same with your personal earring collection – especially the box of odd earrings you can’t bear to throw away and indulge in some upcycling.


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