Inspirations: Polymer clay jewellery

At London Jewellery School we think that polymer clay is sometimes unfairly seen as a only for kids. That may be because it is often displayed in primary colours and children’s kits.

However, it is a versitile material which you can use to create sophisicticated effects as you can see here.


polymer clay bracelet

The flower design on this beautiful cuff by Polymer Playin has been impressed into the clay and then enhanced with hand painting.


Meleanie West polymer clay

This hand-formed, carved and laminated polymer and epoxy Melanie West bangle features her signature cane work.


knitted polymer clay

Knitted polymer clay. This cuff is by Claire Wallis . You can see a variety of knitted clay techniques here.


faux gemstone polymer clay

Faux mahogany and spiderweb turquoise ring by Cara Jane.  You can find out more about creating faux effects in polymer clay on our evening course


polymer clay jewellery

This scarab beetle is made from polymer clay and not metal as you might expect. The artist is Aniko Kolesnikova of Mandarin Ducky and it well worth browsing her gallery to see what can be achieved in clay

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