London Jewellery School to debut live on Create and Craft TV

We are getting very excited at the school because Jessica Rose will be featuring in a new show for Create and Craft TV to air on 10 March.

The show, London Jewellery School, will see Jessica demonstrating metal clay techniques and introducing this magical material to the Create and Craft TV audience.

Viewers will be able to buy a metal clay starter kit developed for the show by London Jewellery School and its equipment partner JewelTool from Shesto and containing all the tools and materials needed to make the professional jewellery seen on the show. They will also be able to purchase the online course Make Silver Metal Clay Charms which contains projects like those Jessica will be demonstrating and features metal clay guru Julia Rai.

metal clay jewellery lesson

The collaboration with Create and Craft is the next step in the school’s efforts to spread the fun and creativity of jewellery making beyond the class room and into people’s homes. It is also part of the channel’s aim to widen the range of jewellery techniques it covers in its shows, and it is hoped this will be the first of a series with Create and Craft TV, London Jewellery School and JewelTool working together.

“We hope the shows with Create and Craft and our partnerships will be the next stage in bringing excellent quality learning resources and tools to the jewellery making community and home jewellery businesses,” said Jessica. “It is an exciting time and we hope to reach as many jewellers as possible with our message that everyone can make jewellery, followed up with training, tools and kits to make that a reality.”

London Jewellery School featuring Jessica Rose demonstrating metal clay will be on Create and Craft TV on Thursday 10th March 10am and 6pm on channels Sky 674 & 675; Freeview 26; Virgin 748; Freesat 811 & 813. Don’t forget to tune in – Jessica will be demonstating different projects in each show.

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