Inspirations: Textured silver jewellery

Often when we think about silver jewellery we think about highly polished mirrored finished pieces but it is also a metal that looks great with a textured surface and with oxidise/patinated finishes.

In our classes we teach texturing through hammering and through using a rolling mill, two great ways to create interesting finishes on silver. And we continue to be amazed by what ideas students come up. So, with our new Diploma in Silver Jewellery starting this week, it seemed time to offer you some inspirations.


silver cuff

This silver feather cuff is by former Diploma in Creative Jewellery student Emma Piper. She created the texture by putting annealed silver sheet through a rolling mill with large feathers.


textured silver jewellery

The patination and texture on this bangle by Charlie High gives it almost a textile effect


textured silver ring

The silver in this Justin Dunance ring with a black diamond, has bean beaten to achieve a textured effect reminiscent of granite emphasised by the oxidised hammer marks.


textured silver pendant

Combined textures – a silver and stingray from Goldlip Jewellery


textured silver ring

Joanne Massey lapis and texture silver leaf ring inspired by natural textures.


textured silver jewellery

Fine silver wire has been used to create a textures surface on this pendant from Kaila Jewellery

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  1. Posted November 30, 2016 at 4:52 am | Permalink | Reply

    I like the stingray necklace it looks fabulous and tempting too.

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