Jewellery making resolutions for 2016

Have you ever thought about making a new year resolution about jewellery-making?

In among efforts to be healthier, fitter or “become a better person” you could have a resolution you might enjoy a bit but which still sets you a challenge for 2016. It can be particularly rewarding if your crafty buddies make the same resolution – then you can support each 0ther through the disasters and share the triumphs.

So here are a few ideas for jewellery-related resolutions:

    • Learn a new technique. Is there a piece or jewellery you really want to make or an idea you don’t have the skills for yet? Make 2016 the year you gain the skill to change what you make.
    • Make your first… silver ring, soutache brooch, metal clay earrings, resin bangle, wax carved ring, etc.
    • Organise your bead and findings stash. We always say we are going to it, but why not make it a resolution to actually do it
    • Try a new material. If you are a wire worker why not try metal clay, silversmiths could experiment with wood, beaders with fused glass and so on. Working with a new material can change how you think about the jewellery you make – even if you don’t continue with the new material

What’s your jewellery making resolution? Tell us in the comments

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