Christmas themed jewellery

The trend for the christmas jumper, which started a few years ago, seems to be big again this year and this got us thinking about holiday-themed jewellery. There are some lovely designs out there perfect for the festive season.

christmas jewellery

Mistletoe necklace by Hetty and Dave








Christmas Jewellery

Reindeer cufflinks by Sarah Birt Jewellery




christmas jewellery

Holly necklace by Tatty Devine



Christmas jewellery

Christmas charms by Tiffany


Christmas jewellery

Snowflake necklace by Beau Hannah


Christmas jewellery

Mittens earrings by Thumbs up x 2


Christmas jewellery

Reindeer necklace by Jewellery Fur Keeps

Christmas jewellery

Red bird earrings by laylaamber


Have you made any holiday themed jewellery? We’d love to see it. Please share it with us on instagram, twitter or facebook.


Anna Campbell is a tutor at the London Jewellery School and runs her own jewellery business Campbell Hall Designs.

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