A jewellery maker’s Christmas list

Is your ideal Christmas list made up of crafting goodies?

We’ve been asking our students what they might want for Christmas this year.

Tools and equipment seem top of the list:

  • Some want a new pliers set – you can never have too many
  • For the wire wrappers it might be a set of very good flush cutters
  • Or you might be setting up a silversmithing studio at home so all contributions of kit was going to be welcome.

One great suggestion was a selection of semi-precious stones or beads – even better in a caddy. It is a lovely idea, opening up a little treasure chest of shiny jewels on Christmas morning.


Then there were the thing you really, really want.

More time to make. We all want more making time/longer days to “make all the things”. One present many people would appreciate could be a voucher from family promising you some undisturbed making time. Or perhaps someone could book you some bench days when you can experiment with your ideas.

Other people want a new skill so they can create the piece they really want. So another item for the Christmas list might well be a class or workshop or a gift voucher for one. It is a gift that keeps giving because you will be happier with projects and able to take on more challenging ones.

Why not leave this blog open on your computer or tablet screen as a big hint.

Please share your jewellery making gift ideas in the comments

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