Inspirations: Enamelled jewellery

Enamelling is a traditional technique using ground glass to add colour to metal. It can be used in a variety of ways to create interesting and colourful jewellery.

Here are a few pieces using enamel that have caught our eyes.

cloisonne brooch

This vintage gold- plated cloisonne brooch there the colours create a picture is a use of enamel we are familiar with


enamel jewellery

In contract it can be used to give a strong modern effect such as this laser cut steel neckpiece by Stephen Bottomley


enamel jewellery

Enamel can be used to add spot of colour and can be muted as well as bright. This pendant is by Katy La Reau


enamel jewellery

The enamel in this coral pendant by Ali Bali Jewellery brings out the texture


enamel jewellery

We found these colourful enamel bracelets on Pinterest and thought they showed off the versatility of the technique. Unfortunately there was no link to tell us the designer


enamel jewellery

You can build up your design in layers using opaque and transparent enamels, and use masks and stencils to create patterns, such as in these earrings from True Alchemy NY

Try the techniques for yourself in our one day enamelling workshop.

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