Druzy jewellery

Druzy stones are becoming increasingly popular in jewellery because of the dramtic effects they can give so we decided to find out more.

druzy jewellery

Titanium coated druzy agate from Shangrila Gems

“Druzy” comes from “druse” which is the geological term for a coating of fine crystals on the surface of a rock or stone. In jewellery terms druzy is the glittering finish you get on some semi-precious stones where there are tiny crystals over the top of a colourful mineral. It is commonly seen on quartz but can also be found on other stones including garnet, dolomite and malachite.

Druzy stones are often set off well by fairly simple setting so we’ve picked out a few pieces to show how they can be used.

druzy jewellery

Wire wrapping is a popular way of showing off druzy stones such as this white quartz wrapped in 14k gold wire from Cave Gemstones


druzy jewellery

Druzy stones are very effective in irregular shapes as with these bracelets from Knot + Bow Designs


druzy jewellery

Unusual settingsw work well. Ring seen on Hautelook



druzy jewellery

Stones with a section of druzy are particularly effective, especially when the remainder of the stone is highly polished. As in this bracelet by Emily’s Gems…


druzy jewellery

… and in Kendra Scott’s Elsie earrings – 14kgold, agate and glass

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