“New way of thinking about silver jewellery” – water casting reviewed

Our new class Water Casting in Silver made it’s debut recently and received some of the best feedback we’ve ever had. One of the students in the class, Annie Mason, shared some of her reaction to the class with us.

There is something vary satisfying about working with molten silver. It reminded me of playing with a lit candle – you have no idea of what shapes will form when you pour molten silver into a bucket of water.

You soon discover that pouring from different heights and at different speeds produce different effects. It is fascinating to experiment.

water cast silver

Ring made by Annie during the class

Then there is the challenge of deciding what you are going to do with the shapes that form. Of course, the great thing is that if you are not inspired by any of the shapes, you can just melt them down and cast again.

It is the organic nature of the results that really appeals to me – the pieces loo like they’re flowing or living, as if formed by nature. And I’ve realised that if I love a particular shape, I can then get a mould made and more cast so I can create sets.

The class has given lots of new ideas – it’s safe to say I’m hooked.

water cast silver

More pieces from Annie’s castings

So many of you have expressed an interest in water casting that we plan to schedule some additional workshops – if you are interested keep an eye on the class page.

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