Innovations in jewellery design – jewellery for your feet

Many of our LJS students are not only jewellery fans, they are also rather addicted to shoes (you know who you are!). This turned tutor Anna Campbell’s attention to jewellery for the feet and shoes.

Barefoot sandals

Barefoot sandals tend to be made from cord and beads and decorate the ankle and go around at least one toe. They have become popular for beach weddings.

foot jewellery

These from swap top shoes can be worn with bare feet or with shoes


foot jewellery

This boho design is available from GP Yoga


foot jewellery

A crochet version of the barefoot sandal from Lasunka



Anklets or ankle bracelets are great to draw attention to lovely shoes and complement them.

foot jewellery

Anklets work by Ashley Olsen, Zoe Saldana, Shailene Woodley and Rihanna (courtesy of She Finds)


ankle jewellery

Gold anklet from JCO Jewellery


ankle jewellery

Beaded anklet, part of a range from Xtra Virgin on etsy

Shoe jewellery

You can dress up plain shoes and boots with chains and beads.

shoe jewellery

This chain that goes around the ankle and covers the shoe is good for any season


shoe jewellery

These plain ballet flats have been upcycled with some clip on earrings (via trendhunter)


shoe jewellery

Some jewellery for your winter boots from Shalina at baubles at your feet


Toe rings

Toe rings tend not to be sized, they have a gap that allows you to adjust the sizing. They are often made of metal or wire wrapped beads.

toe rings

This collection is found on ebay and shows the gap in the ring


toe ring

Sterling silver toe ring from Forkwhisperer


toe ting

Beaded toe ring from Lauren Kusar

Do you make jewellery for the feet or shoes? We’d love to see your take on this trend so please share pictures of your work with us on our facebook page or on twitter.

Anna Campbell is a tutor at the London Jewellery School and runs her own jewellery business Campbell Hall Designs. She sells online from her website and at the Things British shop in Greenwich, London.

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