Ice cream jewellery

One of the team (we’re not saying who) may be developing a slight obsession with Cornettos at the moment – well, the office has been very warm. Of course, that set us thinking about ice cream themed jewellery. And we’re not the only ones, there is plenty out there so we’ve picked a few of our favourites.


ice cream jewellery

Polymer clay lends itself very well to creating mini ice cream charms, like these in a video tutorial by Tori Ellison…


ice cream jewellery

…But fine jewellers can be influenced in the same way. This white gold and gemstome ice cream ring (c.£4,000) is part of part of Cora Sheibani’s food inspired collection which also includes jellies and cakes


ice cream

Ice creams make fantastic graphic shapes as with this Georg Spreng gold ice cream cone ring, set with 13 freshwater and saltwater Akoya cultured pearls…


ice cream jewellery

… or paper as in this laser cut cardboard pendant by Fine Format.


ice cream jewellery

You can be very creative in creating the classic ball and cone shape. This pendant by Sea Find ideas includes sea glass and silver findings.


ice cream jewellery

And finally, always be able to gobble your ice cream with this found object ice cream spoon necklace by Plastic Seconds







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