Step-by-step project: Shell Charm Earrings

This summery project was first published on our sister blog at They are the perfect choice for some holiday jewellery.
The shell charms used here are shop bought but metal clay jewellers could make their own and use sterling silver findings.
We love love love these Shell Charm Earrings made using vintage pearls, a few seed beads and some of these creamy porcelain beads. Using vintage beads is a great way to add some individuality to your projects, rummage in charity shops, flea-markets and even in your own draws for broken pieces of jewelelry that you can re-work into new fabulous pieces.


 Materials – a selection of beads and charms, eye pins, head pins, 4mm and 5mm jump-rings, earring hooksHow_to_make_Charm_Earrings
Step 1. Have a play with design, our pearl was slightly larger than the mauve bead so we put that in the centre to give a more balanced shape

Step 2. Thread a bead on to an eye pin and make a loop, do this with all beads and then link them together. Add a 4mm jump ring to all the charms that will dangle from the earring and fix them to the last loop using a 5mm jump ring

Step 3. Now add your small beads – we went for 3 small beads per link. Add each bead to an head pin and make a loop. Fix these beads onto the main earring.

Step 4. Fix the earring hook to the main earring with a 4mm jump ring


You can find out more about the techniques used here in the free video, Jewelry Making For Absolute Beginners or in our Beginner’s Beading class.

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