Jewellery inspirations: 4th of July fireworks

It’s American Independence Day, traditionally celebrated with firework displays all over the country. So today we’re sharing some fabulous firework jewellery.

firework jewellery

Firework designs are a great way to show off precious stones, as in this 1950s Firework Brooch with diamond, sapphire, ruby, peridot and yellow sapphire (seen on Grays Antiques)


fireworks jewellery

Or this one by Trifari, circa 1960 seen on the Adorn blog


firework jewellery

Contemporary makers such as Jeremy Bloomfield are continuing this tradition – this white gold ring has a total of 1.65 carats of diamonds


firework jewellery

But other approaches are availbale: Tatty Devine’s firework inspired necklace is studded with Swarovski crystals


firwork jewellery

This spinnoloid firework pendant from Fabneo has been 3D printed


firework jewellery

And finally a set of earrings created by Lanine M. for the Artbeads Red, White and Blue contest. These earrings definitely have the patriotic sparkle of fireworks bursting in the air.


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