Movie inspired jewellery

This week the LJS team has been coveting Tatty Devine’s new range of quirky necklaces launched to tie in with the Minions movie.

movie jewellery

Tatty Devine is going bananas for the Minions

So we thought we’d take a look at other movie inspired jewellery from high end to high street.

movie jewellery

The Great Gatsby: Tiffany’s created the pearl and diamond jewellery worn in the movie and add it to it’s range as well. Perhaps some of the most expensive movie tie-in jewellery?


movie jewellery

Crow’s Nest Fine Jewellery created a collection of rhodium-plated silver and spinnel jewellery with Disney to tie in with Maleficent.


movie jewellery

A sapphire and diamond versions of the heart of the occean pendant from Titanic would cost a fortune but you can find lots of crystal replicas such as this one from Polyvore


movie jewellery

A lot of movie related jewellery ties in with fantasy and sci-fi movies. This copper dragon pin from The Hobbit is inexpensive but we like the idea of a rose gold version with rubies (perhaps the LJS team has a touch of dragon about them)


movie jewellery

And don’t forget you can also be inspired by a genre, as with the Slasher Movie earrings by The Crypt of Curiositie.

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  1. Posted July 2, 2015 at 4:16 pm | Permalink | Reply

    Great post, I would have never though of movie inspired jewellery, what an original idea! I particularly like The Hobbit piece, as this is one of my favourite films.

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