New look for London Jewellery School

London Jewellery School has a new logo to coincide with its recent move to East London’s Brick Lane area.

london jewellery school

The new logo above replaces the curved, rectangular shaped one designed back in 2009 when the school first opened.

“The jewellery school has seen a lot of growth over the six years since we started and like any business we are constantly adapting and developing to meet the needs of our students,” says LJS founder Jessica Rose.

“The new logo has a fresh, modern look whilst still maintaining our core colours and fun, creative flair.

“The school has trained more than 10,000 people in jewellery making classes now, which says volumes about how popular making is and how the industry is growing in the UK. Many of our students come to learn for a hobby and to develop creatively, but an ever-increasing number are taking courses as part of a career change and to start their own jewellery business.

“Our new logo and updated branding has taken all of this into account, combining our values for being fun, friendly and approachable with professionalism and entrepreneurship.”

The new logo will be replacing the old one on all LJS websites and printed material over the next few weeks and forms part of an update to a number of our sites and services.

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