Why summers fairs are great for jewellery makers

Summer means there is bound to be a fair, fete or other outdoor shopping and fun event near you.

Summer fairs are great for jewellery makers of all types. We love them because:

  1. They are a great place to sell jewellery. If you already have a jewellery business think about getting a stand at your local summer fairs. This is probably too late for this year but it is worth checking out if the organisers have any unfilled spaces.
  2. There are opportunities to research who goes to local events – age, numbers, etc – and what seems to sell. This will help you if you want to sell at these events in the future. It is also a way to check out and assess potential competition and see how items are priced.

    jewellery stalls

    Stalls at last week’s Fair in the Square in London’s Highgate including Caliz London, Hiro + Wolf and Clare A Simcock

  3. Getting inspiration. This is not the same as copying what other people do. Instead you might come across new materials you haven’t seen used before or see a technique that you’d like to learn more about. Colour combinations may catch your eye or you may even be inspired by how someone lays out their stall.
  4. Finding some lovely jewellery you can’t do without. Going to a summer fair isn’t just about work. We all love jewellery and this a great chance to see work by different jewellers and do a spot of shopping. Plus the jewellery stalls will won’t be far from interesting food stalls (some offering samples) and other fun things to explore or watch.

Check out your local fair or fete this summer and see what you can find.

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