Festival jewellery

The sun is out and festival season is starting. Magazines, blogs and shop windows are full of boho and festival looks, so what jewellery should you be making to complete your look?

festival fashion jewellery

Complete your festival look with lots of jewellery. Images from Pinterest

Feathers in necklaces and earrings are popular as are long strings of beads or pendants paired with statement necklaces and, that jewellery school favourite, stacked and layered bracelets are still a great way to finish your festival ensemble.

festival fashion jewellery

Feather jewelery (from left): Earring by Creativekaleidoscope, necklace and earrings by Jessica Rose from Bead and Wire Fashion Jewelry

Think about colour and use of interesting beads and materials such a leather tassels and fringing in jewellery and using ribbon and coloured cords and braids as stringing materials.

festival fashion jewellery

Leather and fringing. 1. Tassel statement necklace by Kellper, 2. Fringed leather earrings found on Brandywine Jewelry Supply, 3. Fringed cuff by by Natalia Brilli. 4. Metal fringe earrings


festival fashion jewellery

1. Woven leather cord and bead bracelet by Corvus, 2. Quiet Lion has a tutorial on combining charms and braids, 3. Braid and glass bead bracelet by dAnnon, 4, Beads on ribbon create a Boho look as in this Pool Textile necklace

Memory wire bracelets with chunky beads such as carved flowers or patterned wood are a great way to achieve the multi-bracelet look.

festival fashion jewellery

1. Wood and glass memory wire bracelet by Aella Jewelry, 2. Wood beads found on Creative Beadcraft, 3. Carved flower beads found on Bead Time.

And remember that camping is not the place to take expensive jewellery or the piece you would be devastated to lose.

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