Tutorial – wire flower by Linda Jones

Last year our sister blog JewelryFromHome published a special tutorial from wire jewellery guru Linda Jones. We’re reproducing it here to give you another go at this summery make.

wire jewellery tutorial

If you’re just starting out with wire and you’ve been following my online jewellery tutorials – here’s a little extra bit of inspiration!  I never get tired of creating wire flowers to embellish accessories and jewellery designs. So have fun making your own!

Tools: Round and chain nosed pliers, cutters, hammer and steel stake. Round mandrel (such as a pen or pencil).

Materials: 0.8mm copper and silver plated wire, 0.4mm silver-plated wire, assorted mixed beads.

wire jewellery

Step 1: Working from a spool of 0.8mm wire, use the tips of your round nosed pliers to create a small link

Step 2: Place your cylindrical mandrel (I used a pen) approximately 2.5cm (1”) up from the link and bend the wire around to form a loop (to create your first petal).

Step 3: Using the tips of your chain nosed pliers, bend the wire back in the opposite direction.

Step 4: Repeat steps 2 to 3, to create 6 more petals, so that you have 7 in total.  Cut the wire from the spool (leaving just enough to form a link).

wite jewellery tutorial

Step 5: Pull the petal loops around to form a circle and post the cut end through the small link (created in step1) to secure the frame together.

Step 6: Repeat all the steps again to create another flower frame in 0.8mm silver plated wire.  Hammer the ends of the petals on a steel block to flatten and work-harden.

Step 7: Working from the end of your 0.8mm copper spool, create a small link with your round nosed pliers.  Bend the wire up and down on your pliers to create 7 zig-zags (about 1.5cm in height) and cut from the spool.

Step 8: Pull the zig-zag frame around to form a circle and secure by attaching the cut end through the small link.

wire jewellery tutorial

Step 9: Stack all 3 frames on top of each other (with the zig-zag unit on the very top) and using a long length of 0.4mm wire, bind them around the centre to secure as one.  Once all the frames are firmly attached, bring the ends of the wire around to the back of the flower and twist together. Cut off any projecting ends.

Step 10: Cut another long length of 0.4mm wire and begin securing your choice beads to the centre of the flower frame, covering all your binding underneath.  ‘Sew’ in as many beads as you wish to fill the centre of the frame. Cut off any projecting wire and neaten the ends. *Optional: you can use the tips of your round nosed pliers to bend the very tips of your zig-zag frame in towards the central beaded area.

Your flower is now ready to be attached to a chain, brooch back, hair accessory … or, you could create a smaller version to wire onto a ring shank!

If you want to learn about all the techniques Linda has used sign up for Jewelry from Home’s online course,  Introduction to Wire Jewelry with Linda Jones or check out our wire jewellery workshops.

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  1. june waddington
    Posted June 5, 2015 at 3:48 pm | Permalink | Reply

    thank you so much for this tutorial.It will be so helpful.

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