Inspirations: Wood in Jewellery

At London Jewellery School we’ve been looking for more opportunities for our students to create mixed media jewellery which means we’ve been looking at wood jewellery quite a bit. So we thought we’d share a few ideas on how you might work in this beautiful natural material.

The grain and colour of wood makes it a very attractive material which doesn’t need much adding to it. For example, Gustav Reyes talks about creating wearable wood sculptures.

wood jewellery

This simple wooden piece by Gustav Reyes is simple but stunning


The most traditional material to combine with wood is metal as in a lot of pieces by Kara Ross.

wood jewellery

“Shirt Cuff” bracelet by by Kara Ross. Sterling silver, ebony and faceted gemstone.


But it can work well with other materials such as resin.

wood jewellery

Britta Boeckmann produces all sorts of jewellery combining resin and wood.


Or you can embed or attach gemstones.

wood jewellery

Oak embedded with malachite and mother of pearl by Simply Wood Rings


wood jewellery

Amber and wood carved necklace by AmberSculpture


With advanced wood carving skills you can create chains and charms, producing a whole range of jewellery elements.

wood jewellery

Wood carved necklace – with school days dangle charms from Oxford Jewel






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