Inspirations: Saul Bell Design Award Finalists

Metal clay artist and tutor Anna Campbell has a look at the finalists for the prestigious Saul Bell Award

I look forward to the Saul Bell Design Award each year because of the beautiful designs and artistry of the shortlisted pieces.

The award is split into six categories, with five finalists per category (seven finalists in the emerging artist category).

There will be one winner per category with awards given for design, ‘an original vision, a fresh take on traditional methods and materials and a mastery of your craft’.

The award winners are announced on 17th May but I have picked my personal favourites from each category (it’s a bit difficult in the metal clay category as three of the finalists are friends of mine).

You can see the jaw dropping work from all the finalists here.


Saul Bell Design Award

Kent Raible, finalist of the Gold/platinum category


What a stunning piece, I love the asymmetric design


Saul Bell Design Award silver

Andy Lucas, finalist of the Silver/argentium category


Every time I look at this piece I notice something else. I love the layering in it.

Metal clay

saul bell design metal clay

Ivy Solomon, finalist of the metal clay category

The design and use of colour in this piece caught my eye


saul bell design award enamel

Kristin Holeman, finalist of the enamel category

I love the storytelling in this necklace


saul bell design awards

Phillip Peck, finalist of the holloware category


I can’t begin to think about how I would make this.

 Alternative materials and metals

saul bell design award

Una Barrett, finalist of the alternative materials and metals


I love the ammonites and the layering in this piece

 Emerging artist

saul bell design award

Chloe Henderson, finalist of the emerging artist category


What an unusual design, really impressive

 Anna Campbell is a tutor at the London Jewellery School and runs her own jewellery business Campbell Hall Designs. She sells online from her website and at the Things British shop in Greenwich, London.



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  1. Posted May 8, 2015 at 11:31 am | Permalink | Reply

    Simply stunning designs and I love enamel too so glad you have included that. Very inspiring! Thank you.

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