Faux gemstones in polymer clay

Here at London Jewellery School we are already starting to work on the 2016 timetable and prospectus which means we are thinking about new classes for next year (and may be even this year).

One area where are students have asked for more classes is in polymer clay – especially about more intermediate techniques and effects such as creating faux gems, etc. We are currently researching the options which means we are looking at all the possibilities out there – so to inspire you in the meantime, while we design some new workshops, here are some interesting tutorials we spotted.

polymer clay faux gems

Lapis Lazuli is a favourite stome of several of the LJS team so we were impressed to see the pieces produced from this tutorial by Desired Creations


polymer clay faux gems

Opals can provide a lot of inspiration for polymer gems as with this project from Polymer Clay Central.


polymer clay faux gems

This tutorial for translucent pieces is a translation from a French site and it will give you lots of ideas for creating effects in clay.


polymer clay faux gems

Everyone loves turquoise and this tutorial from Reese Dixon shows a couple of options for creating faux pieces plus has a very helpful tip on polishing for a high shine.


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