Dragon inspired jewellery

It’s St George’s Day and, because he reputedly slayed one, here is a selection of dragon themed jewellery.

dragon jewellery

We spotted this stunning gold, jade, ruby, diamond and pearl antique brooch, circa 1870, on  Pinterest.


Anastasiya Ivanova has a really fascinating collection of dragons and other jewellery created using wire weaving on her website.


One of a series of rings by Tito Pedrini where dragon’s claws clutch the gems


You can move away from literal interpretations of dragons. These soutache earrings by Sabo Design draw their shape from dragon patterns.


The faceted chalcedony and smoky quartz cobblestone-set in the brass-framed cuff bracelet looks like dragon scales, from Peruvian Connection


And finally dragonsblood jasper in a wirework pendant by Simple Gems

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    Reblogged this on DODesigns with some major attitude by DeeDee O'Callaghan and commented:
    I love dragons! 🙂 Beautiful jewelry.

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