Step-by-step project: Wire wrapped bracelet

Practice your wire wrapping skills with this fun statement bracelet.

wire wrapped bracelet


1.5m of 1.25mm silver-plated copper wire

2m of 0.6mm silver-plated copper wire

Selection of glass beads

Masking tape

Chain nose pliers

Round nose pliers

Wire cutters

Steel block

Whammer or hammer

wire wrapped bracelet

Step 1

wire wrapped bracelet

Cut four 35cm lengths of the 1.25mm wire and make a spiral at one end of each one. You can find a tutorial on creating spirals and coils at

Step 2

wire wrapped bracelet

Use a Whammer or other jewellery hammer and a steel block to flatten the spirals and the wire for about 2cm below the spiral.

Step 3

wire wrapped bracelets

Arrange the four wires side by side so that the coiled ends are arranged nicely – you may want to take some time to get an arrangement you like. Tape the wires in place and cut a 40cm length of 0.6mm wire. Carefully wrap the larger wires for about 2cm flattening the wraps in place with your pliers as you go along.

Step 4

wire wrapped bracelet

Mark the wires 9cm and 18cm from the middle of the first wrap and tape wires in parallel again. Make 2cnm wraps over the two marks as in step 3. Once the wraps are in place you can start to shape the bracelet by pulling the large wire outwards in between the wraps to form diamond shapes.

Step 5

wire wrapped bracelet

Trim the wires at the unfinished end so that the outer wires measure approx 7cm from wrap and inner two wires 8cm. Make and hammer coils as before. Now press your bracelet round a cup, drink can or other cylindrical object to shape it.

Step 6

wire wrapped bracelet

Cut a 15cm length of 0.6mm wire. Make a few wraps round the centre of one side of the diamond section, trim and press ends in place. Then add a selection of beads and wrap your wire securely to the other side of the diamond section. Repeat for other diamond section. Then check and tidy up and wire ends before wearing. You could also think about wrapping a series of wires in each section to fill the whole space – if so use 0.4mm wire with small beads.


wire wrapped bracelet





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  1. Posted April 6, 2015 at 6:37 pm | Permalink | Reply

    Thank you for the tutorial! What a fun and lovely bracelet. 🙂

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