Displaying your jewellery for sale

Our latest crop of Diploma in Creative Jewellery graduates have their final exhibition coming up on 23 April and as always we look forward to seeing both their jewellery collections and how they display them.

It the past we’ve seen clever use of plastic tubs under fabric to create different levels, handmade display shelves, mini spotlights, branches and leaves and even ceramics used.

In general finding ways to show off your jewellery without your stall or shop “furniture” distracting from your jewellery is a challenge but people are always coming up with new ideas. Below are some quirky ideas to inspire you next time you sell at a craft market.

jewellery display

Creating different levels adds interest to your stall and separates your pieces helping each stand out. The use of wooden blocks here by Hania Jewellery, as seen on Create.net, also helps reinforce the idea of “handcrafted”.


jewellery display

This clever use if a book as a ring or brooch stand comes from an interesting article on window displays from Boutique Window. Be careful to choose a plain pages rather than colourful illustrations so not to distract from the jewellery.


jewellery display

A clever use of space and simple materials – the earrings are attached to luggage labels clipped to strings with clothes pegs. This example was spotted by blogger One Lucky Day at San Diego’s Queen Bee Market.


jewellery display

Wine bottles are useful for displaying bracelets (as seen on Gentlesheep.com)…


Jewellery display

…but Creative Income reveals they may also be converted into necklace displays.


jewellery display

This earring display by Virtualli is one that got us talking in the LJS office. We want to know if it is possible to fold the umbrella down with the jewellery attached and wrap it in plastic for easy set up and strip down of your stall.


jewellery display

And finally, look round your house – what else can you use to display your bling. Bet you never thought of a cheese grater like Quirky Creatures did,

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