Inspirations: Roses in jewellery

The remains of King Richard III are going to be reburied this week which has lead to some very impressive royal bling being displayed on the coffin – as pictured here from The Telegraph.

rose jewellery

White roses of York feature in the royal jewellery on display for Richard III’s lying in state (The Telegraph)

The white rose of York and the five petal Tudor rose are the key motifs, so this week our attention has turned to roses in jewellery making. Our choices aren’t perhaps quite as dramatic as items from the royal vaults but they do show how rose motifs can be used in a range of jewellery making.

rose jewellery

There are very pretty rose beads and charms available. Keeping with the white rose theme, we loved how Lofficina has combined delicate porcelain flowers with leather in this necklace.


rose jewellery

This embraceling bracelet by Crazy Art Grrl Jewelry features polymer clay roses. Polymer clay lends itself very well to flower jewellery and you can find a video tutorial on making roses here.


rose jewellery

Leather offers another great way to create roses such as in this necklace by Leather Blossoms


rose jewellery

Petals don’t need to be soft. Wire is a great way to create rose shapes as in this charm from You can find a tutorial on wrapping wire into rose shapes here


rose jewellery

Or you could use real roses, as in this stunning resin bangle by SpottedDogAsheville

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