Design success for LJS backroom woman

We often talk about the successes of the wonderful jewellers that teach at London Jewellery School, but did you know we also employ a talented clothes designer?

Bronagh Miskelly, our press and marketing co-ordinator and business and web tutor, is also a knitwear designer and pattern writer (you may have seen her knitting at lunc time in the school). She has just won a national design competition run by wool company King Cole and Knitting magazine – you can see her design and pattern in the April edition of the magazine out now.


vslb 1 blob

“The theme of the competition was ‘Vintage Inspiration’ which was perfect for me. I have a large collection of magazines from the 1940s and 50s and am very interested in the knitwear styles from that period. Sweaters were designed to be fitted, almost tailored and very flattering,” says Bronagh. “So, I came up with a short-sleeved top with lace panels and a collar (which is very much on trend right now) in a colour that is featuring in a lot of fashion palettes.”

The competition was in two stages. Bronagh first submitted sketches and then when she was named a finalist she creates the actual sweater and a pattern in several sizes.

“It was really exciting to win and to be able to show off my design style in this way” says Bronagh. “I’d recommend that jewellers enter similar competitions. You have nothing to lose and lots of opportunity to get your work noticed my other people.”

And what about jewellery to wear with the top?

pearl knotting

“Classically, it would be knotted cultured pearls but I like the idea of modernising that idea by using the knotting technique and a coloured silk to knot some irregular amethyst pieces or more unusual coloured or interestingly shaped pearls instead. The short sleeves also make it perfect for a dramatic bracelet or two.”

What jewellery would you wear with Bronagh’s sweater? Tell us below.

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