Jewellery Business Week: Tips for running your jewellery business

jewellery business weekOver the past week we’ve been sharing tips for running your jewellery business on Facebook and Twitter. Here we bring them together.

  • Break your business tasks down – don’t try to do everything at once. Ideas how here .
  • To do lists are your friend. Use then to plan either on paper or using an app like ToDoist.
  • Keep your paperwork up to date – set aside some time each week.
  • Hire people to do the things you can’t, do badly or stop you earning.
  • Use online apps like Bufferapp, Evernote, ToDoist and SimpleTax to help you organise your business. Find the tools to help you work more efficiently.
  • Wherever you sell your jewellery, make sure you do the research to ensure it attracts the right customers for your work.
  • Get to know other sellers – in person or online – a great source of advice, encouragement and support.
  • “There is no magic Etsy button” – wherever you sell your jewellery you will need to market it.
  • Be a brand – think about how you present all aspects of your business online, on paper, on packaging.
  • Make sure people know where they can buy your jewellery.
  • Don’t undersell yourself. Work out the real cost of your work and price accordingly .
  • Networking isn’t awful self-promotion, it is an essential part of running your business.

And the most important:

  • Remember you started this because you are passionate about your work – make sure you allow yourself the time to enjoy your jewellery business

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  1. Posted March 2, 2015 at 1:10 pm | Permalink | Reply

    Nice post!
    Thanks for sharing. These tips are really helpful.

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