February birthstone jewellery

We love gemstones at London Jewellery School so we have gone looking for some fabulous jewellery made using the February birthstones, which differ according to which category you look at.

Traditional: Amethyst, Hyacinth and Pearl

Modern: Amethyst

Mystical: Bloodstone

Ayurvedic: Amethyst

This give you a good variety of options and you could think of combining stones.

February birthstone jewellery

This Victorian insect brooch does just that combining amethysts with natural pearls for the wings.


February birthstone jewellery

Gemstones don’t always have to be polished. Rougher finished stones can make striking jewellery. This pendant by Cynthia Down uses sterling silver and a rough amethyst crystal point in an unusual setting.


February birthstone jewellery

When thinking of pearl jewellery you don’t need to just consider perfect rounds. As this exquisite necklace, ‘Liquid Love’ by Nadia Newman of Mondial, shows itrregular shapes can create interesting effects. This piece was a finalist for the Pearl Design Award at the Jewellery Association of Australia Awards in 2008.


February birthstone jewellery

We love the use of hyacinthe cristalline in this unusual mixed media brooch using heather and grape wood, silk, silver, amethyst by Terhi Tolvanen. It really shows that jewellery inspiration can come from anything.


February Birthstone Jewellery

Bloodstone looks magnificent sent in this men’s ring, by Skylight Jewellers

You can learn more about these wonderful stones in our Introduction to Gemstones class – information, dates and all booking details can be found here.



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  1. Posted March 4, 2015 at 1:26 pm | Permalink | Reply

    Excellent designs.
    Good collection of jewelry. Love it 🙂

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