Marsala – Pantone colour of the year 2015

Those influential folks at Pantone have spoken. It seems that 2015 is all about brown.

Well “Marsala” in fact, a rich and full-bodied red-brown like the fortified wine it is named after.

Pantone marsala

Introducing “Marsala”

After the bright emeralds, citruses and purples of recent years, marsala has split the fashion and design commentators with some dismissing it as reminiscent of sludgy meat sauces while others have raved about rich leathers, silks and velvets as well as spices.

Despite the criticism, the influence of Pantone means we will definitely be seeing a lot of this colour and similar in the coming months, so how are we going to incorporate into our jewellery making. There are a number of ways to make it work – as a material, as a gemstone or beads colour by itself, in combination with other colours, or by thinking about other jewellery that might compliment a marsala dress or sweater.

Marsala materials

This is one of those times when listening to the commentators might help – they mentioned leather, velvet and silk. So how about studding a leather cuff with complementary colours (see below) or using rich brown leather, silk or velvet to suspend a copper pendant or to thread your beads. Or tracking down some coloured chain.

Pantone marsala jewellery

This leather cuff by Rainwheel really shows off how marsala-type tones can be off-set by a contrast colour.

Pantone marsala jewellery

These Ettika bracelets show how marsala fabrics and ribbons could be used for the background to beads or chain


Pantone marsal jewellery

This Natalia Laguna chain would work with a wide range of skin tones – but it isn’t metal, it’s resin


Marsala gems

Garnet’s winey tones probably make it the closest to marsala but also think about using spinel or tourmaline, as well as crystals and glass beads in deep red-browns.

Pantone marsala jewellery

Garnet beads

Pantone marsala jewellery

These Annabelle earrings are a classic way to use marsala coloured gems and crystals


Pantone marsala jewellery

Or you could use big gems and crystals to make a statement. Cuff by Louise et Cie

Marsala contrasts

Pantone offers a whole page on shades that complement marsala – in terms of jewellery coral, deeps blues like lapis lazuli, turquoise tones and amber jump out.

You can think of these in terms of colours to use with marsala materials and gems or create statement pieces in those colours to work with a marsala outfit.


Pantone marsala jewellery

Stacking rings like these are a great way to mix a marsala-coloured stone with other shades. In the case of Alison Moore’s fairground ring – peridot, garnet and lapis lazuli.

Pantone marsala jewellery

This antique coral and garnet bracelet shows that these colour combinations are tried and tested.



  1. Posted February 27, 2015 at 1:13 pm | Permalink | Reply

    Nice photos!
    Good collection of jewelry. Love your collection.

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    Really lovely post!!!
    Great gathering of gems. Love your gathering. Thanks for sharing.

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