Take the metal clay challenge

Do you make jewellery out of metal clay? Do you sometime lack the motivation to carry on making? Why not join the metal clay Facebook challenge for 2015?

There have been a few jewellery maker challenges on Flickr and Facebook over the last couple of years and they have helped artists, whether beginners or more advanced, try to make a certain number of pieces per year.

The challenge with this group is:

To explore new combined media, to seek out new techniques and different styles of work, to boldly go where you haven’t been before in metal clay – because you’ve been putting it off maybe?

Create something every week or month which includes an element of metal clay and post it on the Facebook group

The group was created by metal clay artist and enamellist Joy Funnell. It is a supportive group that is free to join and you can choose how regularly you participate. You can use any type of metal clay, you are not restricted to silver.

So how about it? Click the link here –  https://www.facebook.com/groups/MetalClayChallenge2015/ – and request to join the group. You’ll see the work of other metal clay artists and hopefully will feel inspired to complete the challenge yourself.

metal clay jewellery classesIf you are inspired by what you see in the group – and want to improve your technique or even if you haven’t used metal clay before but now want to try – London Jewellery School has a range of one-off classes and longer courses in metal clay from beginners and taster classes to more advanced skills, and even a package of classes for those thinking of running a metal clay jewellery business.


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