Discovering a new tool – the jewel picker

One of the highlights of London Jewellery School working with Shesto’s Jewel Tool brand is visiting the company’s office or rather the “tool room”. There really is a room full of tools for jewellery, model making and cake decorating – and you find a lot of cross over between the crafts. It is really fun to see what could be useful. It is also where we first see jewellery tools we haven’t come across before.

One tool in this category is the jewel picker which was new to both Jessica and Bronagh but which they quickly became excited about.

beading tools

This is really simple but useful addition to your beading box. The picker is about the size of a pen and has a sticky blob on the tip which you use to pick up beads and crystals.

It is very useful for selecting a single bead or crystal from a tray and placing it in the right part of a design. We’ve tested it with metal  clay and CZ stones and discovered that tiara tutor Gail Florio has a collection of pickers in different sizes which she uses to place crystals and stones when she is gluing them in place.

jewellery beading tool

Bronagh also discovered they are useful when you spill a button box, they are a real help with seed beads  and we’ve been experimenting with how big a bead you can lift with the medium picker.

beading tools

Our picking up experiments

This is something many of us hadn’t seen before but now we know it exists we wouldn’t be without one.

And we are looking forward to other discoveries with Jewel Tool.

The jewel picker is available in the London Jewellery School pop-up shop and from Jewel Tool

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    Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful piece of information. Mmm, I wanna buy a jewel picker!

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