Jewellery favourites – stud earrings

Everyone has a favourite style or type of jewellery – perhaps an item they wouldn’t ever want to be without or something they are always drawn to in jewellery displays. So we decided to ask some of the London Jewellery School team about their jewellery favourites, must haves and obsessions. We continue our series with tutor Anna Campbell’s choice.

When I was asked to choose a jewellery favourite I thought of stud earrings immediately. I feel the humble stud earring is a much overlooked staple of our jewellery wardrobe. Mistakenly overlooked.

There are many benefits to the stud earring including:

  • you can wear them whether you are in a ball gown or jeans (and everything inbetween)
  • you can wear them with a statement necklace without feeling too bling (or pulling focus from that gorgeous necklace)
  • they are more affordable. For example, a gorgeous pearl necklace might be out of your price range but a pair of pearl studs gives you a slice of the look without the cost
  • you can wear a splash of bright colour even if you wouldn’t wear it in clothing (see the Kate Spade studs below)
  • they don’t catch on your scarf (important in this weather. I’ve become attached by the ear to my gorgeous chunky scarf once too often!)
  • a stud earring doesn’t have to be small and demure. Our assistant manager Emily is rather partial to a large stud earring
  • if you’re making them out of silver or silver clay – you don’t need much metal
  • they don’t have to be boring!

Have a look at some of my favourites

stud earring

  1. The simple pearl stud earring from Molly Brown London. A design classic. A touch of Audrey Hepburn
  2. A pop of neon by Kate Spade. If you are drawn to a bright colour but know you wouldn’t wear a full piece of clothing in it, here is that pop of bright for your ears.
  3. Simple silver stud by Anna Campbell. Ahem, I made these from silver clay and they’re very versatile. Making stud earrings from silver clay is economical and you can get some lovely textures.
  4. Renaissance rebel studs by Rosie Sanders. London Jewellery School tutor Rosie Sanders has won an award for her Renaissance rebel jewellery range. These are my favourite studs from her range (and if you look closely you will see general manager Sunita wears stud earrings from this range most days).
  5. Tiny fox and forest studs by Joanna Rutter. News flash. You don’t have to wear two of the same shape.
  6. Polymer clay and gold leaf stud earrings by Lam Fa Ti Ta. Gorgeous mixed media studs.
  7. Silver knot earrings by Deezign Studios. Lovely texture.
  8. Druzy studs by Amulette Jewelry. Gemstone studs. I am loving druzy right now.
  9. Long curved bar studs by Jennie Kwon designs. I do seem to gravitate to rounded shapes but studs don’t need to be.

Do you make stud earrings? What do you like about them? Do make a comment below, we’d love to hear your thoughts

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Anna Campbell is an experienced teacher and enjoys all types of jewellery making including beading and silver clay. She runs her own business, Light Boat Jewellery and has made jewellery for celebrities.



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  1. Posted January 3, 2015 at 12:21 pm | Permalink | Reply

    Well I was looking for some Fashion Jewellery and found your blog, I must say the 9th stud is just amazing and I really liked it very much.

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