Make time for jewellery making this Christmas holiday

The Christmas holidays are almost upon us and we can look forward to:

  • Over-eating, stacks of chocolate and generally spoiling ourselves
  • Indulging in our favourite old movies
  • Sleeping late
  • Pressies
  • And most importantly TIME FOR JEWELLERY MAKING

What could be a better excuse? You have time off and it’s cold outside.

jewellery making

Set aside some making time these holidays

Of course, this means an extra spot of pre-Christmas preparation.

Discovering on boxing day that you are out of beads, chain or wire, for some of us would be as bad (if not worse) as forgetting the Christmas pudding.

So take a little bit of time this week to check your bead stash, make sure you can find all your tools and have plenty wire and findings. You don’t necessarily need a plan as long as you have plenty of materials on hand to inspire you.

Plus there are lots of free step-by-step projects on our website if you need some ideas.

And do post links to pictures of your holiday makes in the comments below – we love to see what you make.

jewellery making

Make sure you check that you can find all your tools before the Christmas break. (Tools pictured from the Jewel Tool range)

If you are missing anything, don’t forget our pop-up shop with supplies from Metal Clay, Jewel Tool, Beads Direct, Walshes and Shangrila Gems as well as items from the LJS endorsed Jewel Tool range is open to 5pm on 21 December.

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